1860 coach Michael Killer made 2 modifications in his initial set after the 0-1 defeat in Bayreuth: Work and also Bar changed Work and also sheep maker in the first eleven.

In the guests from Osnabrück, acting coach Rudder Zeal likewise counted on 2 personnel changes: compared to the 0-0 versus Happen, Seller as well as Steinkötter made area for Thole and also CNI.

Border clarifies on the line

The guests additionally had their share in a playfully solid preliminary, but did not always come in front of packages of the house side.

Till the very first truly great objective opportunity of the game passed 17 mins before Eichmann put a header from Stein hart freestanding on the 2nd post in the arms of Saarbrücken-keeper Bat. The biggest opportunity in the preliminary likewise had the lions: after a strong side change by Bar, Eichmann appeared on the appropriate edge of the penalty location and flanked the ball flat between. There Saarbrücken’s main protector Ferry turned into the ball, misstating it to the inner post, where it crashed right into the objective line. Border came simply in time and cleared up in the best requirement (34th).

CNI stands up right away after the break

As an outcome of the Saarbrücken lead objective, the video game ended up being a lot more intense and also was partly characterized by robustly led duels: While FCS protector Border fled in the 56th minute after a foul against Bear, the Munich lions gathered two yellow cards shortly later on personally of Wan (59.) and Verdant (61. ).

Shortly after the restart, they confirmed that the Saarbrücken did not need lots of chances: after the cost-free kick from Janice, the protection of the house side CNI released the header at no cost, so that he might nod the sphere from a brief range (47. ).

Hitler and also Günther-Schmidt prove fair play

Until the initial perfect objective possibility of the video game passed 17 minutes prior to Eichmann put a header from Stein hart freestanding on the second blog post in the arms of Saarbrücken-keeper Bat. The best chance in the very first round also had the lions: after a strong side change by Bar, Eichmann damaged via on the ideal edge of the fine area as well as flanked the round level in the middle. There Saarbrücken’s main defender Ferry grown into the sphere, falsifying it to the internal message, from where it crashed into the goal line.

Explore Decker gave the last highlight, whose conclusion might be obstructed just in time by the rough Manner (71. ). In the meantime, two noteworthy actions additionally had two 60 caretakers Hitler (62nd) and also Saarbrücken demonstrator Günther-Schmidt (81st): Both attracted the umpire knowledgeable about a wrong decision, which would certainly have been a benefit for their own team.

In the long run, the house side lacked the lively ways to prevail versus the defense bulwark of the Saarbrücken. The FCS safeguards important points in the promo race with the away win and also thus reduces the range to 1860.

The lions are back on Wednesday at 7 p.m. at the away game in Freiburg. At the very same time for the 1860 game, Saarbrücken fulfills CFB Oldenburg in the house.