West world’s first seon w a pleant surprise. With the usual style of the HBO series, Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy brought back the mythical Metal souls of the ch director and writer of Best Sellers Michael Crichton (The threat of Andromeda, Jursic Park, Sphere…). The 1973 film w a pioneer in several things, including the use of computer graphics; And he anticipated many, such the immortal murderers of the Slater or the very Terminator of James Cameron. Seen at the present time and from the perspective of the players, there w something else, only pointed then and that became the be of the series: the NPCs the center of history .

How hard is the life of npcs

The first seon of West world brought to the forefront the small stories of those anonymous NPCs that swarm in their circular tks outside everything else. Those of Red Dead Redemption, for more signs, given the context of an amusement park set in the American west.

Thus, the gradual acquisition of conscience w pushing them to rebel against those humans who looked at them with condescension, who killed them without any remorse. An Enough now! That he w cooking little by little and bed on breaking those little routines that grieve them.

Goodbye to the fifth seon. Humans win the game

Although erratic and with radical changes in its orientation, West world w able to accumulate in these years 54 nominations for the Emmy and decorate their shelves with nine of them. HBO’s statement praises its creators for having taken to the viewer an amazing odyssey, raising the bar at each step. Continuing with the mandatory thanks:

We are tremendously grateful to [Nolan and Joy], along with their ct, immensely talented producers and teams, and all our partners in Kilter Films, Bad Robot and Warner Bros. Television. It h been exciting to join them on this trip

The creators, of course, regret not being able to conclude the open paths in history. Inexcusably and once again, humans have crushed NPCs.