Unity held a conference for Unity users and communities at the San Francisco headquarters from November 1 to 2. On the 1st, it was introduced mainly on Unity’s new technology and roadmap, and on the 2nd, the event was held centered on Summit on the theme of ‘Unity For Humanity’.


Unity POH Human Tea Summit is an event that re-examines Unity’s belief that creators have a positive and meaningful effect on society, community and even the world. Unity, who has slogan that the more creators become better, the world will be better, and for the past few years, the company has been supporting various creators based on the theme of Unity Po human Tea. In this UNIT 2022, the case is introduced or the Unity’s related programs are introduced. The time to explain continued.

As the first runner, examples of social creators in Korea and Japan were introduced. First, Lee Sang-min and Wang-kyung, who worked for more than 10 years as an elementary school teacher, continued to introduce the program and the introduction of the program. The two teachers, who are interested in using new tools for education and combining games with education, have applied for the Unity Academic Leader Program. Unity Academy Leader is a program that has been conducted for teachers who are under 12 years of age in Unity Korea since last year.

The purpose of the Unity Academic Program is to support many students to be reborn as creators using Unity as well as computing training based on Unity engine training. The two teachers who sympathized with this philosophy explained that they would be able to use Unity to be able to settle in the future digital society represented by meth uses.

The Unity Academy Leader Program consists of two semesters. In the first semester, we learn the basics of Unity based on Unity Korea’s Unity Run curriculum, and in the second semester, we learn the process of using Unity comprehensively. Through these programs, he explained that he could provide a wider training than the existing block coding-oriented training. He also added that he had experienced the creation of something new directly through Unity and was convinced that children could provide new levels of education.

Kim King, CEO of the second presentation, mentioned the use of Unity for the disabled. Gangsters is a venture company that provides digital healthcare for people with disabilities. In fact, Gangsters is trying to secure various technologies so that acquaintances are uncomfortable with disabilities or are uncomfortable with disabilities.

Kim started by seeing and studying more than 300 wheelchairs and providing a more comfortable environment for the disabled. Since then, beyond the assistance of moving, people with disabilities have been thinking about how to live their daily lives more comfortably than before. However, it was not easy for people with disabilities to ride a wheelchair. This is because there was a lack of equipment and services.

So Kim thought about using wheelchairs as a sports equipment, and focused on the Unity engine to make it more sustainable. The experience of exercising with a wheelchair combines 3D racing games to make it more active and have fun. Based on these attempts, Kim, who explained the access to the movement of the disabled, was convinced that the new technology of Unity will show creativity that will help everyone, including the disabled.

Took Stamina of Kanagawa Dentistry has presented cases of safety education using Unity’s VR/AR technology. In Japan, where disasters such as earthquakes, typhoons, and floods often occur, disaster prevention education and safety education are one of the essential tasks. Therefore, related education has been continued since childhood. Professor Stamina noted that VR/AR can be incorporated by providing training in a virtual environment similar to the actual virtual environment. And Unity was cited as the most efficient tool to create the environment.

It was also introduced to use VR to care for the elderly more carefully. Toshiba Kenya, a researcher at the Tokyo University Institute Somatic Research Institute, has been working at a nursing home before coming to the Tokyo Research Institute, taking care of the elderly and the elderly with dementia. The nursing homes were helping the elderly to recover in parallel with exercise therapy and brain exercise programs. It was not a limited space called nursing home, but it would be a motivation if it provided the experience of traveling around Japan with VR, and thus, some areas such as Fukushima were implemented in VR to combine them with exercise therapy.

In the future, Unity will expand the destinations to provide a variety of VR experiences to the elderly, but to do so, you need a lot of information about the destination. So Toshiba researchers announced a VR travel project for the elderly and recalled that they were able to get photos and images of the destination by getting a lot of people. The VR travel program for the elderly is still in its initial stage, but with the development of VR technology based on Unity, it will provide more diverse experiences to the elderly and help to treat them.

Hiroshi Kawasaki of the forehead creative mentioned the case of actually improving performance due to the training of a virtual environment close to due diligence. The forehead creative has developed a VR injection simulation that actually implements resistance and pressure as a VR Kendall, which uses Unity to use a real gravity and physical engine, and when a needle goes through the skin and goes through the muscles to the blood vessels. All. Kawasaki CTO, which revealed that even if you did not actually have Kendall or did not let go of the injection through such a VR program, Kawasaki CTO helped to adapt to the item relatively quickly. I explained that it would be.

In addition, Unity introduces the stories of Unity helping socially and the stories of those who are dedicated to better society through Unity Po humanity Summit of Unity 2022, and discusses various support programs. Information related to Unity for Humanity Summit can be found on the official page.