Indie Game Developer, who showed dot sensitivity and story-oriented adventure such as ‘Bear Uncle Restaurant’ and ‘Fishing Heaven’, announced the latest film ‘Magoo and Monster’ at the Indie Live Expo on May 22. Although it was an open cat who portrayed ordinary daily life, death, farewell and meeting in fantastic backgrounds such as fairy tales, the monster story to protect the girl with the theme of ‘The world is destroyed when the girl cries’. It was drawn in another way.

■ The girl ‘Menu’ who suddenly fell to the demon world and accompanied to go to the human world

The story begins when Roy, a monster of the world, meets Menu, a human girl who is lost and wanders. Roy, who only eats magic mud, does not show interest in Menu, but Moran tries to harm Menu, and then suddenly the world turns red and heats up. Roy and Moran, who wanted to soothe Menu, confirm that the world is coming back to the original when Menu stops crying, and brings to Roy’s house to discuss measures.

Roy’s house, which had spent every day while eating magic mud, was not suitable for people to live, and the situation became urgent as other monsters who saw Menu broke into Roy’s house. In a few decades alone in a place where there is nothing, Roy is a bit unfamiliar with the attack of the monster, but Roy is somewhat difficult to fight with the penalty that Menu is crying.

Roy, who thought it would be hard if Menu had been in the world for a long time, listens to the story of Menu’s mother and begins to investigate from the horse world to find a clue to Menu’s mother. Sometimes, Roy, who retells the monsters who rush for Menu, tells the story of a human being in the world, and leaves the journey to find Menu’s mother and return to the human world.

At first, he was bothered by Menu, but he gradually starts to open his mind in the process of finding a toy or playing soccer to appease Menu. In the meantime, the group found a clue to Menu’s mother. In the first demo released on September 30, only the story of the world is mentioned, and the story can be found in the official release version.

Meanwhile, Opencast showed the technique of utilizing the afterglow with a distinctive speech that utilizes the classic and neat dot graphics and the intermediate margin and stops of the dialogue. On the other hand, unlike the previous work, which had the same tone with little change in the in-game character graphics, you can see a glimpse of the production of more and more compositions in combat and scenarios.

■ When a girl cries, the world is destroyed, the protection and battle drawn in a classic turn-based method

Roy, who has dietary mud, who is not treated with foods in other devils, has lived in a distance from other monsters except Moran because of its ugly eating habits and personality. Nevertheless, the reason why we could live alone in the world of arguing and fertilizing for various reasons was that Roy was one of the most powerful powers in the world.

In fact, these factors are actively reflected in the game, and Roy’s health is set to 99,999. On the other hand, except for the strong enemy, the Jeans are not the opponents of Roy because the HP is around a thousand and a few dozens of attack power. But Roy has a condition that he must fight Menu.

The introduction of the game is difficult for Roy to be physically damaged by Menu as he has a good power and power, but it is more demanding as Menu is destroyed. When the monster attacks Roy, Menu is surprised and suffers mental damage, and when he reaches the limit, Menu cries and the game ends.

In the ‘Menu and Monster’, which has been released as a turn-based turn-based turn-based turn-based turn system such as a dragon quest, the user is not Roy’s health, but an enemy attack that aims at Menu or mental damage received by Menu when Roy is attacked. Should be. Due to the nature of the turn-making battles that exchanges each other, Menu cannot be damaged at all, so it is the strategy of ‘Menu and Monster’ to knock down the enemy as soon as possible or read the dangerous pattern and pass it in various ways.

The combat screen of Menu and Monster consists of an attack, defense, and a toy that will soothe Menu. Roy usually can only attack a regular punch, but as the turn passes and the SP accumulates, it can also use more powerful attack skills. Defense attacks are a menu that actively defend enemies that can sometimes be swept up to Menu. In the beginning, large attacks can be read and responded to some extent because large attacks are triggered in advance.


The toy is a menu that uses the toys acquired in the scenario, which allows Menu to escape mentally anxious. Normally, it acts like a potion of RPG games, but unlike the maximum purchased potions in the village, the toy can only be used through the story. As the combat experience accumulates, the mental power of Magoo becomes stronger, but it is necessary to keep in mind that the world is a terrible land to buy a toy, so it is all about clearing the scenario exactly.

■ ‘Menu and Monster’ with the music of Laura Hara

Opencast, which revealed the power of the harmony of classic dot graphics and inspiring stories as a “ bear restaurant ”, recently began to work with sound through the console and PC version of the fishing heaven. In the meantime, he started with a one-person developer and joined the graphics and scenarios. The kite touched and included the original theme song.

This ‘Menu and Monster’ also participates as a lyrics and vocalist of the main theme song, showing their unique emotional vocals and lyrics. In addition, the composition was composed by the Monster Hunter series and Riga’s atelier 2 composer Trapani Leos, foretelling the upgraded music.

Meanwhile, this work is also the first console and PC production of Opencast, which has been developed after the launch of other platforms after mobile election. It’s the first time to produce multi-platform simultaneously, and it’s a new challenge for us, said Open Cat’s representative, who participated in the Steam Next Festival shortly after the demo announcement on September 30, said, It was introduced. However, I tried to maintain the charm of the characters and the characters shown in existing works such as bear uncle restaurant.

Menu and Monster were originally scheduled to be released in the fall in the fall of 2022, but Agent announced that it was delayed as an issue during the multi-platform development. Menu and Monsters will be released on PCs and Nintendo Switches, and you can download 40 minutes of demo version of the demo version for free from Steam.