If you are wondering When the adaptation to Blue Lock anime will come out Here is everything you need to know.

Written by Sneak Keynesian and illustrated by Yusuf Nora, Blue Lock has conquered the world of manga during the last year or so. With the end of the Haiku anime in the coming years, this could be the next great sports anime that fills that void.

When does the next Blue Lock episode come out?


The next Blue Lock episode will be launched on November 12. . This is the sixth episode, entitled Sorry, and will have a match between team Z and team W, led by the Anima twins.

In the previous episode, we obtained more a history of Chair, and this episode seems prepared and ready to reveal what his secret weapon is.

launch date of the Blue Lock anime

The first season of the Anime Blue Lock series premiered on October 8, 2022 . The premiere was announced in early 2022, along with a new trailer that shows its impressive animation and all the boys of the Z team.

We also obtained some key illustrations for the series, again showing the main cast in Team Z. We are likely to receive more news about an exact launch date in next month, and we will update this article once that happens. Information is released.

What will the first season cover?

We have no information about how much manga content will be covered in the first season of the anime, but judging by how the chapters are divided, we can speculate.

Judging by other anime releases, it is likely that the first Blue Lock season will have between 20 and 25 episodes. With that in mind, the season will probably cover the entire arch of the first selection, until the presentation of In Tosh and team A.

This means that we will probably see team V, along with other iconic characters such as Red Mirage and Nazi Shirt before we stay with a suspense causing In’s appearance.

That is all you need to know about when it is the release date of the Blue Lock anime. Be sure to consult the rest of our anime coverage, including our opinion about why Spy X Family is the healthiest anime of the year, as well as a look at this super adorable Figure of For Forger herself.

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