Gerard Piqué h not wted time. A few days after hanging his boots, the former FC Barcelona soccer player he to an interview with IAI Llanos. Far from stopping, he h also revealed his new project, the Kings League, A football tournament with streamers and former soccer players presidents. Those responsible for their respective teams.

The usual football but with new rules: ft matches, all the same day and in the same place , with more access and open through Twitch, point on the official website. Twelve teams will face each other on the pitch, but also outside it. The regular phe will be composed of 11 days, which will be played every Sunday from January (still without a specific date). Then there will be a play-off that will determine who is the winner of the Kings League.

And what influencers and players are confirmed? Below you can see the complete list of teams and players.

All teams and presidents

  • PIO —rivers
  • Ray Barcelona —Sparsity
  • Siemens FC —There
  • FC Pirates —Gerard Romero
  • Buyer Team —buyer
  • FC trunks —Permit
  • Ultimate Móstoles —Mario

  • Annihilators —Juan Guardian
  • Sunspots —Run Ague
  • Portions FC —IAI Llanos

How will the selection process work? It should be noted that any person of legal age can participate, long you can move to Barcelona to dispute the meetings. Of course, candidates must have football skills and demonstrate it : Those interested have to fill out a form and attach a video (30 maximum seconds) that shows their talents a player.

They also seek to narrators to cte Kings League . The process is exactly the same, that is, attach a video, although this time marrying and not kicking a ball. All these works are, naturally, paid.