god of war Ragnarök has Rates and Women visiting the nine kingdoms, exploring every corner and crack in search of collectibles, armor and enemies to fight. In addition to following the main mission, there are also secondary or favors. You will have the opportunity, on several occasions, to continue or see if others need help, such as choosing to go to William or Álfheimr. If you wondered is you should go to William before Álfheimr at god of war Ragnarök This is what you need to know.

Would you visit William before Álfheimr at god of war Ragnarök?

In a nutshell: Yes, you should definitely visit William before going to Álfheimr in god of war Ragnarök. The nine kingdoms and the dialogue between the characters of god of war Ragnarök.

More importantly, this William section houses a practice of practice very similar to the tests that Mülheim had in the previous game. By accepting the evidence, the enemies will appear to infinity, although the loot and experience have been deactivated; However, you can still progress through challenges associated with weapons and skills.

In addition to history and practice, the most important reason to visit William is first to see the giant tree that houses the crows that Odin used to spy. They are now free from the extent of Odin, thanks to Rates and Women, and will offer rewards according to the amount of crows that you destroy. These rewards are placed in chests at the base of the tree, of which there are several.

Now you understand Why visit William before Álfheimr at god of war Ragnarök? Is preferable. To get more guides and questions, find out here if god of war Ragnarök is improved in the PS4 Pro, or maybe it is thirsty for more knowledge, in which case learning what age is Rates could be useful.

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