The booth of ‘DENOTE’, a new game company that is making casual NFT games at the global startup event ‘COME UP 2022’ held at DDP in Seoul until the 11th. The Idea Note is a new startup founded in April with colleagues who made the game together by Kim Kyung-min, who made everyone in Net marble Into. In this com-up exhibition, the Idea Note exhibited the first game ‘Coin grid’, which was developed after starting a business.

The first title of Idea Note, Coin Grid, is currently working on OBT in Sky Play, which is an easy P2E blockchain platform. Coin Grid, who was able to play directly in the demonstration space on-site, was an NFT game with a simple gameplay that anyone can enjoy easily, as the company’s slogan ‘Casual World Builders’.

After playing the game in the demonstration, I was wondering why developers who made Marvel’s marvels entered the development of P2E game ‘Coin Grid’ by starting a startup. And the answer was found in an interview with Kim Kyung-min, the Idea Note, who introduced the game directly in the field.

Q. Idea notes, what kind of company is it?

= Idea notes are newly established in April with the ideology that the core development members who made everyone’s Marvel gathered and became a global scale casual game developer. Currently, he is developing the first game, Coin Grid, with this ideology.

Q. I’m curious about the background of developers who made Marvel’s Marvel and made a P2E game.

= Most of the instruments seem to be similar. The achievements of Axis Infinite, who have been evaluated for pioneering the P2E market, have become a big topic, and all who made the game together have seen this as a trend to lead the market. Of course, I didn’t just want to make a P2E game. P2E is just a billing model, and plans to make a general game rather than P2E.

‘Coin Grid’, which was introduced to the market right now, plans to strengthen its content and create a general version except the P2E part and launch it in the first quarter of next year. The most important thing is to become a ‘global scale casual game developer’, and the strategic stance you chose to achieve this is P2E.

Q. I wonder how ‘Coin Grid’ is made and what the game is.

= Usually, when making a new game, I tend to work on market research. This stance still remained in the past when they made Marvel of every1. At the time, a new map was released every three months, and it went through the process of grasping the market trend at the time of launch. The idea notes also conducted market research based on the know-how accumulated at the time, and the market trend at that time was the game of the ‘hyper casual’ genre.

The hyper casual is not long due to the nature of the genre, so it adds ‘real-time multi-element’ where all users who participate in the long life can be content. The core game of hyper casual is taken, but it adds business models and real-time multi-technology.

Q. What is the difference between the ‘Coin Grid’ gameplay?

= You can enjoy ‘single mode’ and ‘multimode’ with different fun. Coin grid’s single mode is designed to make the start and end clearly in the commonly referred to as the ‘runway type’ game. This is to allow users who want to play fast tempo to choose the game. In order to add differentiation, the classic racing game ‘Antarctic Exploration’ added play elements. I want users to play the game and feel like ‘Is it similar to Antarctic exploration?’
Multimode is designed to take advantage of the experience of Marvel’s development, reducing the play time and designing it to feel the fun of psychological warfare like rock-paper-scissors. Anyone can easily see what the game is, and it’s a hyper casual game, but it’s a game with real-time multimode that can be enjoyed for a little longer. We are currently offering services as OBT and are planning to launch from December to January this year.

Q. Do you plan to increase the content that you can enjoy inside Coin grid at the time of the official launch?

= The current strategy is to create a single IP brand by appearing in more cute game characters in Coin grid in more games. Rather than adding new modes to the current build, we plan to launch a new game. Currently, there is an SNG that has been completed as the next film, and the prototype of casual games, which is conducted by eating land, is also being developed.

Q. What is the desired goal to achieve through this Coup 2022 exhibition?

= Currently, Coin grid is conducting tests and showing visible results. However, since it was a new company that was less than a year since it was established, I thought that I should inform the company’s name externally for the future. I would like to inform more people that Idea notes are these companies by disclosing the actual data externally.

Q. As a new startup, I want to hear my aspirations in the future.

The first goal is to build a game that is currently preparing for a prototype until the third quarter of 2023, and build IP power and brand power that can be obtained by servicing the same IP with various games. In the third quarter of 2024, we will service the SNG games currently under development, and in earnest, we want to create traffic so that users can see the name ‘Idea Note’ and enjoy the game. In 2025, I would like to show the achievements and gaming of the previously announced achievements to the market.


Q. What if you still have a message you would like to convey to those who think it’s difficult to say it’s a NFT game?

= NFT, as well as blockchain, and I think that things that stayed in the field of technology have to be popularized. It is a natural story if you can make money even if you play the same game common sense, but the current NFT game is so difficult that you can understand what it is. I think what is now necessary is to present a way, environment, and interface that the public knows more than the development of technology.

The platform called Sky Play, which allows you to play Coin Grid, is a platform that is a lot of trouble to provide an environment that anyone can easily use, and the first game, Coin Grid, is also easy to enjoy. Anyone can enjoy it easily, but I want to be remembered as a company that creates a profound game that can be enjoyed for a long time.