Note that all the following catches come from the BETA version. Objects are most likely to alter their arrival on classic servers from here. Some likewise have really specific impacts, read the information carefully!

With locations and beast households, the Doffs group always adds items to each update. The 2.66 is no exception in format, with more than 30 devices to recover and 9 panoplies.


DOFFS 2.66: List of brand-new Equipment and Stuffs of the Update

Bas-levels: panoplies and packs as much as level 60

Temporal gamers and beginning eat extremely well with Doffs 2.66. The piece 40-60 wins 4 panoplies covering 4 bi-elements. This is a substantial addition, which follows self-respect the Ground panoply dating from the beginning of the year. You will gain from a host of brand-new options and crucial: they will be practical.

Panoply of rebels-Fire/ Earth 50

This is an outstanding succession for the Bought panoply with a reward of 1 PA in just 3 products. It will take on the 3rd generation prizes however stays an excellent option with really great characteristics. Everything is even integrated with a Delano and a caraecoiffe.

Panoply Rakoopeur-Air/ Earth 50

It is an alternative to the panoply of rebels providing an excellent simply as feasible element in mono stuffs. The panoply will be more beneficial for classes like IOP or Ougiya while its weapon will be an excellent property, being one of the uncommon viable BL weapons.

Panoply of the Albertan warrior-Eau/ Earth 50

It follows the same reasoning of style as the others with this time very minimal penalties at Bas-Niveaux. The weapon is not as fascinating, but the panoply provides good attributes in general, with vita rewards making its FM simpler.

Panoply of the Albertan trapper-Fire/ Agility 50

This is a plainly option for Eniripsas and Care Classes, however with a more impactful leakage charge on these classes generally. The panoply stays great, always with a good PA reward and above all a fascinating care weapon.

Hauts-levelaux: panoplies and stuffs as much as level 190

Ankara’s Video game Style team continues to include devices with a frequently overlooked slice. Much better still, the aspects chosen are at these little present levels and include options sometimes nonexistent.

Panoply of hammers-Earth/ Water 190

This panoply is quite unique. It has 2 weapons, to alter according to your preferences and with various effects. The guard will be the most restricting component, with a heavy spell charge. You can nevertheless stay on an amulet+ weapon cumulative, fairly effective.

Panoply of Barber Clochecuivre-Eau 190

Just one of the finest water in the slice. The panoply offers an excellent CRY option with best attributes and resistances.

Panoplies Clochecuivre-Earth/Fire/Air 198

It is a 3-element complete panoply. She is not necessarily Meta by equipping her completely, however uses good alternatives or efficiency for certain things. His weapon is likewise especially fascinating, with similar damage to the Glucagon hammer.

As in regard to 190, the video game designers more than happy. You can discover 2 sets of equipment, each with a little twist changing the situation. For the minute, they might seem overpowered or worthless, but this is just the start.

Panoplies and stuff 200 of the Doffs 2.66 upgrade

Panoply Moore wax cuire-Level 200

The Moore wax devices inflicts a curse if you trigger a panoply bonus. Your number of PMs will be an optimum of 2 through your stuff. You can always boost you in an unlimited combat in order to take advantage of the extremely beautiful qualities, particularly in resistances.

Ephemera malefices-Level 200

Here, we take up the same principle as the panoply of hammers, dubbing it. This little peculiarity adds a modularity at the level of the panoply distinct to suit a majority of classes.

YAULARC-A new fire/earth arc

The panoply provides an excellent CRY option with best attributes and resistances. The Moore wax equipment inflicts a curse if you activate a panoply perk.

In little last benefit, it would appear that Paula, Game Designer having most likely produced the stuffs of this upgrade, was self-referencing beyond his yaularakne.
In any case, the Salary is an extremely stunning weapon filling a lack with choices for the bi-element, frequently relegated to the Dagoes Very or the Baton.

When does Doffs Spot 2.66 gets here?

The Beta de Dofus 2.66 will last 3 weeks, till December 6, 2022. It is likewise the end date of shipments, leading us to a relatively explicit release date.

The slice 40-60 wins 4 panoplies covering 4 bi-elements. It is an alternative to the panoply of rebels offering a good just as practical component in mono stuffs. The panoply will be more beneficial for classes like IOP or Ougiya while its weapon will be a good possession, being one of the rare viable BL weapons.