Grander Co., Ltd. started crowdfunding for additional scenarios for R-Type Tactics I / II Cosmos on November 17. The implementation period is from November 17 to November 30.

R-Type Tactics I / II Cosmos is a remake version of R-Type Tactics and R-Type Tactics II-Operation Bitter Chocolate- as one package. It is scheduled to be released in the summer of 2023 for PC (Steam) and PS4/PS5/Nintendo Switch.

The original version of R-Type Tactics was released in 2007 for PSP in 2007 for PSP in 2009. Based on the world view of the R-TYPE series of Item’s horizontal scroll shooting game, it was created by changing the game genre into a strategic simulation game.

R-Type Tactics is the theme of fighting between humanity and the Bide Empire, and players lead the Earth as commanders. On stages such as the sky above earth, outer space, and planets, develop a wide variety of units, including fighters, R-9 series, POW Armor, which is a supply machine, and battleships and transport ships. Aim. In the sequel R-TYPE TACTICS II-Operation Bitter Chocolate-, a new Grander Revolutionary Army from the Earth Army has appeared. The battle between humanity is drawn.

The remake version, R-Type Tactics I ・ II Cosmos, has rebuilt the original version with the latest expression technology. The crowdfunding, which is being implemented at Kickstarter this time, adds elements to the originally planned reproduction. In the dawn of achievement, elements such as new scenarios and new units of all 24 missions will be added. It is said that full voice support is scheduled for reading out the voyage journals that appear in additional scenarios. In addition, it is expected that dimensional fighters and bid weapons will appear as additional units. It is expected that games and strategies in online matches will be deepened.

The implementation period is until 23:59 on November 30, Japan time, and the target amount is set to 4 million yen. As a reward according to the amount of support, it is possible to participate in the right to appear (limited quantities) and test plays for additional content production as one of the deputy officers appearing in R-Type Tactics I / II Cosmos. Advisor is inaugurated (limited quantity). In addition, the supporting aircraft that can be used in the game of R-Type Final 2 currently on sale and PS5 in March 2023 are also available as retarders.

R-Type Final 2 is a title that was determined by the success of crowdfunding in 2019. In just one day, the target amount of 45 million yen was achieved, and additional recruitment was made in response to many re-implementation requests. The crowdfunding of the R-Type Type Tactics I / II COSMOS additional scenario production project also recorded about $25,000 (approximately 3.5 million yen) at the time of writing this article, probably because of the strong popularity of fans. As soon as the target amount is close, it has been a good start.


R-TYPE TACTICS I / II Cosmos will be released in the summer of 2023. The crowdfunding of the additional scenario production project is being held until 23:59 on November 30 Japan time.