Pokémon Scarlet and Violet have greatly improved traditional multiplayer functions. Not only exists habitual trade, but there is also no cooperation. There is much to cover, but we have everything you need to know. Here is our complete explanation of the multiplayer mode in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

Everything you can do in the multiplayer mode of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

There is a certain aspect of the multiplayer mode in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet that the series has never tried before. This takes the shape of Union Circle, which will allow four friends to explore all PAL DEA together in cooperative mode.

Out of that, players can also trade with friends. You can also fight other players through Link Battle or Battle Stadium. The latter, at some point, will allow qualifying battles, but at this time, you can only make casual battles.

There Raid Battles will be available at some point in the future, and can be made on certain dates to face a variety of incursion Pokemon.

How to play multiplayer with friends at Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

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There are different ways to connect through the multiplayer options offered. First, you must open your main menu with X and go to the Poke Portal section.

To invite friends to Union Circle, you choose to form a room and then give your three automatically generated code. To join a group, you should only enter the code provided. There is no reason to worry about not being able to play with a friend who chose the other version, since both Scarlet and Violet are cross play.

To link the battle with a friend, you must configure a link code (as with the exchange) so that they both use it. You can also fight with three friends through Multi Battle through the same method of sharing a link code. Each link code has between one and eight numbers. These are the only methods to play with your friends at this time.


This is all to know about multiplayer in scarlet and violet Pokemon. For those who want to bring their previous Pokemon to Scarlet and Violet, we have a guide on how to use Pokemon Home.

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