mega Sim, the somewhat different mobile operator

Dieter Bowler has been the flagship and review of Freenet (we reported) for over a year. So it is barely surprising that the previous pop titan in its function as CEO (Chief Entertainment Officer) likewise makes marketing for the Black Week deals of the just recently freshly launched sub-brand Mega Sim-and discovers just a normal word: Mega!

In fact, Mega SIM has 2 definitive advantages to not say distinct selling points, to other smartphone providers: The (brand-new) contracts can be ended on the one hand, so there is no minimum term, and on the other hand warranty a lifetime rates-in plain language means in plain language: The price to which you scheduled applies permanently and is not increased even after the normal 24 months.


Other cost traps such as subscriptions or additional alternatives, which often hide in the small print, are thankfully browsed for in vain.