Yesterday a very interesting party was held for the Spanish community. While Qatar’s infamous world has begun today, the controversy here in Spain was already served one day before its beginning. While it is not a conglomerate of corruption worthy of a Scorsese movie, it has been a series of quite questionable decisions in which the only beneficiary has a name: France.

The great game of YouTubers with people from the platform and Twitch has been one of the great events of the year, and although Spain lost by 2 to 0 against France, arbitration errors fogged a recital of the Gauls team that could have won honestly, But unfortunately it made several ethical decisions that leave enough to be desired in the world of this sport as beautiful as it was hard.

Elmo and PPI Gave, the Pupa of Pride for Spain

If there are two players to stand out from La Rosa, they would undoubtedly be the two great enemies of France today: Trend Elmo, Format’s prodigal son, and PPI Gave, Villagers’s demon. Both gave up and made it clear that even if they are in hostile territory, they are not afraid of anything and if they have to leave their soul in the countryside. On the one hand we have Elmo, a Basque with a lot of mischief that plays football from the mud and how they send the canons, being hard when it is needed and rocky like no other.

On the other hand we have PPI Gave, a being of light that had to put on the demon boots yesterday seeing that the French were on the criminal instead of the civil. However, we also want to highlight Cache, the new saint of this selection that saved several clear goals from the Gauls based on stops that will go down in history. Honor for him too.

Arbitral decisions and favoritism, the great protagonists of the Stomach

The meeting began with controversy from the first minute: in a ball in favor of Spain on the edge of the area, the French defender fought for the ball and chose to return it to the goalkeeper. The problem came when, consciously, the Gala goalkeeper picked up the ball with his hands Ipso facto, which as many will know is totally illegal.

In the regulation, it clearly says that this cannot be done and is called assignment, turning this ball divided into a very dangerous foul for the Spaniards. The French referee ignored this play and let the time pass, something that angered the players of La Rosa from early and showing how the match was going to be until minute 90. And it is that these decisions were not at anecdote.


There were several totally legal ball disputes that showed the favorites of the referees in the match, especially with Elmo. But they were not only fouls; Some arbitral decisions on what gestures of the French or even the Lineages themselves by teaching Spanish players were dropping the glass and caused the anger of our players.

It is quite inexplicable for a referee to look with condescension and laugh in front of his rivals for the mere fact of not falling well, instead of being professionals. And yes, we already know that it is a friendly where fun should have predominated, but if the gestures or attitudes of the rival are that derogatory that excuse is no longer worth it, you have to be professionals.

Even so, Spain fought with everything, and we have a clear goal: to turn in Spain and create one of the most hype matches of the moment, adding important names and especially without leaving the Gauls play their football to prioritize ours A Champagne soccer base. Tiki Take do not know if there will be, but what we will have will be a lot of pride and a rebel heart that none will be able to overcome.