After changes in Valorant patch 5.10 all the eyes of game users point to a name: Chamber. The French agent enjoys a perfect position within the game, and after the multiple nerfs received to his competition, he dominates the percentage of elections within the Riot Games tactical shooter.


Looking at the statistics of the last seven days (coinciding practically with the launch of 5.10) Chamber is the most chosen agent in immortal. With almost 40% of choice, Chamber has no competition in this EL, which forces practically in all compositions to take it, since it is in a brutal state.

It is true that Reyna surpasses him as the most chosen agent in all the ELO French and Jet that occupies this second position with 27% of elections.

What should change to Chamber?

We have several ideas to Nerdier to Chamber, which we will break down below:

  • Increase in bullet costs
  • What force tour does not kill if you shoot in the leg, only chest or head
  • More seconds of CD in the TP

What is clear is that Riot must soon clear it, seeing its impact on the games. His condition goes against the game and a player with a good AIM can solve numerous rounds with his skills. The gun and its definitive are several of Valorant’s best skills and makes more than one frustrate with one of its mechanics that are broken.