Ice stones are one of many evolutionary stones necessary for the acquisition of Pokémon during playing Pokemon Scarlet & Violet. Due to different evolutionary standards between Pokémon, this stone is necessary if you want to complete your Kandinsky Pokédex with such records as Glace on and Crawler. Unfortunately, they are not so easy to purchase, and in order to find them, you need to dig a little. Fortunately, we have covered you! There are two ways to make sure that you will receive one of these stones for yourself.


where to get ice stones in Pokémon scarlet and purple

The first thing you need to do is make sure that you have access to Mount Glazayado region in the northern part of the card and go there.

  • Mount Glazayado
    • As soon as you find yourself in the area of Mount Glazayado, you can start searching for ice st1. Although these are random loss in this particular area, it is best to find them around Montenegro gym.
  • Port Marinade
    • There is also a chance to get one randomly at the auction house in the port marinade located in the Western province (second zone). As indicated earlier, this is not only a random detection, but also the price at which it is set when you do this. To do this, you need to unlock the function of the auction house after the battle and the victory over Bombardier, the titan of the open sky.

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