A new event released in Warhammer 40k: Dark tide brought one of the most deadly creatures in the game. The transformation of the Power Matrix card into complete darkness posed many problems before the players.

You can adequately use special torches in the power interruption event. Players should use such a weapon and get together to defeat the field boss in the style of a witch, demon host.

Any indignation around the demonize will make him rise and start singing. You can leave the site here, but Daemon host will be freed by torn chains and applying your combat skills as soon as you stay there.

This leadership was created to provide the necessary information to win the Daemon host at Warhammer 40k: Dark tide.

How to win a demon

Daemon host is very fast, swims and can teleport. He can exhaust your general health within a few seconds. So, you must fight with the beast together and make sure that the demon station will not run away.


Before the fight, make sure that everyone has a full supply of health and a large supply of ammunition in your team. There should be no enemies around that could interfere with your battle with the demon, since it will be impossible to defeat it in this way.

Use the slab shield of Grin with a full health scale to wake the owner of the demon. The role is to run and fight for as long as possible, giving the team the opportunity to deliver many attacks on the beast. If your group does not have boot plates, then Pilot can wake up and run away from the demonize.

Organ Slab shield potential allows your team to stay alive. Veterans and pikers must disclose the potential of damage in order to save the lives of frontal players. Daemon host is aiming at one player, leaving the opportunity to inflict damage to him.

Daemon host passive ability allows him to radiate damage, so do not linger and quickly finish the battle. Each player must use a weapon causing the greatest damage with one blow, and use a medical station to heal from emitted damage.

If the first runner dies, you must have a backup runner to start hand-to-hand combat with Daemon host. Protect the runners at all costs, destroying the demonkhost, because after the second runner fails, it will disappear. Do not let Daemon host gobble up your defeated teammate.

The best way to kill him is to run and fight and never stay in one place. Let Rasher be kite host and give you a chance to defeat the demonym.

If you feel that your team is not ready to fight Daemon host, you may not do this. If you hear this, be careful and do not take any action. Find the way and sit together to one place. Pass by the owner one by one, and you can all go.