On the occion of Dragon Age day, Bioware h offered a small gift to fans of the saga.
The expected title of Ms Effect developers, Dragon Age: DREADFUL, h been seen again, this time through a brief kinematics that deepens the origins of alone.
It is an animation clip, which means that the game itself h not shown in motion.
We wanted to close this year with a small surprise to celebrate Dragon Age’s day in our own way, sharing a key kinematics of the game.
Enjoy! They point out in the official blog of the developer.
I met him alone, a lonely wizard obsessed with dreams, but he had a different name for a long time, says the narrator in the video, which lts just a minute.
Fen’hale, the terrible wolf, the elf god of lies or the rebel hero against tyranny?
It depends on the story you believe, he continues.
In its final battle with the elves gods a veil w created that separated the worlds.
Now, he intends to break the veil and destroy the world, so our protagonist will be the only one who can stop it.

The development of Dragon Age: DREADFUL AMANDA

Lt October, Bioware General Manager, Gary McKay, celebrated a great milestone in the official blog: Development h reached the Alpha phe: In the lt blog post, in February, I commented that the next dragon game
AGE w in the production phe, he said.
Since then, we have traveled a long way and the team is delighted to announce a great advance in the development of the game baptized Dragon Age: DREADFUL: We have just completed the alpha objective!
The title, which can already be played at the end, still h development ahead.
They are currently focused on improving the product a whole.
It will go on sale on PS5, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S and PC on a date still to be determined.
On December 9, Dragon Age is releed: Absolute, the Netflix anime.