Anaheim’s forest tour with Freya’s evaluated version is no exempt problems in God of War Ragnarök.
You will find groups of fearsome monsters, and even several small bosses, such as Fisk, for example.
The purpose of this guide, as well as all dedicated to the heads that will follow, is to help you overcome them in the maximum difficulty, I want God of War so that they are relevant to all levels below.
See tips and strategies to defeat the Mini-Boss Fisk show (not English or Spanish) in the kingdom of Anaheim, the land of the Vania gods.

What equipment to use?

Frisk is probably the easiest boss to use the dodge of the whole game, so enjoy and use the fearless shield to trim the blows.
The rest of the equipment really doesn’t matter much, because the boss is very quiet to be defeated.

List of attacks and how to combat them

Fisk can be considered another great enemy than a boss in himself, but he has some surprises in his arsenal:
Scythe Smash/Switch-Lance: There are two basic types of attack, Scythe Smash large and very slow, and others during which turns into a spear where Fisk hands two to three attacks faster.
Your arm movements are so large and obvious that you should have no problem diverting the shield to fill your stunning meter quickly.
Sickle kick (Red Attack): It often happens that Fisk is angry and using a more dangerous attack, which you just need to dodge quickly.
The important thing is not to give soft after the normal and easy to block attacks.
Occasionally, he sends a yellow version of this attack, which can be trimmed, but this is rare.
Scythe Smash: Although boss blue attacks are usually extremely deadly and usually need to be interrupted at all costs, this is not the case here.
You just have to dodge.
Time also does not slow down to help, but if you have the reflections to play twice in L1, this is the best option.
Frost Explosion (Red Attack): Fisk sometimes causes a large explosion around him.
It is indicated by a red circle, and it holds its own weapon differently.
Instead of having the scythe above the head, he holds her upside down before preparing to strike the ground.
If you have a fast role attack capable of interrupting it, this is a good option.
Otherwise, move as much as possible.
There is no need for a strategy elaborated to face Fisk.
Just be aware of the red body blow and especially avoid being caught by the Frost.


Moreover, Anaheim’s Mini-Boss is one of the easiest to defeat Go Ragnarök.