One of the tasks of the last Can’t Stop contest, Won’t Stop Challenge is to earn more than a million on a street bustle.
To achieve this goal, you need to choose a specific bustle and become a master in it.
We recommend that you become a fraudster, since monetary rewards are high compared to other street entertainments, such as a street musician or a beggar.

How to become a fraudster in Bit life

To become a fraudster is one of the simple tasks in Bit life, since this work does not require special education.
Start your life and elder until you reach eighteen years.
Go to the Work section and select the Special Careers option.
On the Special Career tab, select the Street Hustler career path.
The game will provide you with a long list of street bustle options.


In this, select Scam Artist as your work.
You have become a fraudster in Bit life.
Tip: a character from a criminal feature will be an advantage in your journey as a fraudster.

How to earn a million on deceiving people in Bit life

To earn a large amount of money with the help of fraud, you must use advanced fraud methods, such as fraud with VIP tickets/fraud for promoters of nightclubs for people.
By default, the game does not allow you to access these advanced fraud due to lack of experience.
So, in order to gain experience, to practice and repeat fraud of a lower level in the categories Beginner and Middle.
With a sufficient repetition, you will gain access to prescribed advanced fraud.
Having gained access to these advanced methods, it’s time to make a lot of money.
Look for the richest people on your street, such as billionaires or millionaires, and deceive them.
Change your working avenue immediately to avoid arrest, and repeat the process.
Over time and efforts, you will earn more than a million on fraud.
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