It is not a secret that the studio Supergiant Games has announced its next game, but it is still surprising to know what the title of this new project is. Hades 2: The suite confirmed to the Game Awards, we will play Melanie, a new heroine. There will be

There will be an extension in Hades released on PC in 2018, then on consoles in 2020 (Change) and 2021 (PlayStation and Xbox), and it is at the Game Awards 2022 that the Supergiant Games studio decided to make its ad.
Taking up the exact same principle of the Rogue-Like London, Hades 2 will be the direct extension of the first episode, even if the developers specify that we will not need to have actually ended up the very first episode to comprehend the issues of the 2nd.
That stated, it is specified that it is still much better to have done the very first to comprehend the subtlety.
Hades 2 will change her primary character for Melanie, the princess of hell, who is really an immortal witch with powerful magic capacities.
It is the sibling Agrees of the initial video game, and she will have to introduce out for the time, the Titan of time and the bad father of Hades and her bros, who left from her jail time in
The depths of the hell to wage war at Olympus.

On the production side, we learn that Supergiant Games released development at the start of 2021 and that they are now about twenty to deal with this suite.
In spite of everything, there is early access for 2023, to enable the player to do life-size tests.
What is guaranteed, on the other hand is that this Hades 2 will not provide any multiplayer mode, the video game focusing on the solo adventure, and absolutely nothing else.
Here is the first trailer unveiled during the Video game Awards 2022.