The latest information was developed by Nine Arc and a glimpse of the actual in-game details of the new mobile collection RPG ‘Ever Soul’.

In order to be able to play the battle in Ever Soul, we must make strategic judgments in consideration of various elements such as types, positions, and formation of each spirit.
Before starting the battle, the player can select five spirits to participate in the battle on the ‘Spirit Placement’ screen and set the detailed battle position in advance.

For a perfect victory, you must always see the opponent’s formation first, and you must put the appropriate spirit according to the formation.
This is because if you grasp the type of each spirit in advance and place it according to the characteristics, you can play more effective battles.

Ever Soul’s spirit is a total of six kinds of humanoid, beast, fairy, immortal, angel type, and devil.
The human type is the beast type, the beast type is a fairy type, the fairy type is immortal, and the immortal type eats human type.


Angel-type and demon types have a relationship that eats and eats each other like darkness and light attributes in a typical RPG.

If you look at the above-mentioned spirit batch screen, you can see that the type and class distinction are displayed at the bottom of the portrait of each spirit.
The type and level of the enemy monsters are also displayed immediately, so it is easy to grasp the property relationship without pressing one by one.

In addition, the role varies in the battle depending on the class distinction between the warrior, ranger, striker, defender, caster, and supporter, and you can enjoy strategic battles by combining various active/passive skills of each spirit.
Basically, the defender class with high stamina and defense is placed on the front to solidify the defense, and placing multiple rangers and caster spirits in the rear to equip the workshop at the same time.
Of course, it is also possible to use an attack-oriented strategy by placing the attacking spirit.

In addition to the arrangement of the pre-preparation stage, there is one more key element that determines the direction of the battle, which is ‘Ultimate Skill’, a unique attacker that every spirit has.
Traveling those skills at the best timing will cause fatal damage to your opponent.
During the battle, the Ultimate gauge is automatically accumulated, and when the timing of Ultimate Skill, the skill button is activated in the spirit menu located at the bottom of the screen.

It is the charm of ‘Ultimate Skill’ to decorate the battles that can be monotonous because they have different effects in each spirit as well as different effects.

The player can further strengthen the spirits they have through the dungeon content ‘Memory Corridor’.
The corridor of memory will be able to break through by actively using various puzzle gimmicks, and will be another fun to give a different pleasure to the adventure.

In addition, Ever Souls can meet the ‘Labyrinth of the Labyrinth’, a rogue-like dungeon.
The goal of the labyrinth at the sculpture, which is a rhombus model, arrives from the start point to the opposite vertex, and the player makes a variety of choices in this process.
You can select a treasure chest to obtain items that help you progress, or you can choose to restore your stamina.
Since the form of the labyrinth continues to change according to the player’s choice, it is characterized by a different form of labyrinth.

Currently, Ever Soul’s official website reveals video contents that introduce worldviews, combat systems, gander systems, and ties.
In addition to the first combat system introduced, if you want to check more information about Ever Soul, it is a good idea to refer to the information on the official website and the official café.

Meanwhile, Aka Games is currently preparing various contents to increase the contact between ‘Ever Soul’ character and user.

The outdoor booth was held at G-Star 2022 and held a field event, and at the AGF 2022, voice actors who played the spirit of Ever Soul participated in the ‘Voice Talk Show Event’ where the OST vocals or bold with users.
We received the user’s response.
On the 12th, the news of the pre-bookers exceeded 1 million, revealing the next anticipation of Aka Games.