The Madrid video game campus opens its doors to become the largest campus of the European video game, a new installation that h more than 3,000 m2 distributed in three pavilions and an investment of 25 million euros.
This h been inaugurated by both the mayor of Madrid, José Luis Martínez-Almeida, and the city’s vice mayor, Begone Villages.
The three pavilions are divided into the Experience Center, a learning and experimentation pavilion through the video game, the Esports Center, a high performance center for gamers with tournaments and municipal leagues and the Development Center, a pavilion dedicated to incubation and acceleration
of project.

The Madrid video game campus opens its doors

With the aim of turning Madrid into the world reference in the sector and promoting the video game industry at the regional and national level, both the mayor and the ViceAlcaldesa have traveled the different pavilions to learn more about their activity: The future of our city pses
To know what foundations you have to build.


These foundations are on an issue that is decisive for large cities such Madrid, talent detection.
The talent is here and wants to come to this city, but you have to create the right conditions so that it can come and to stay.
This campus is that talent container that will turn us into a reference, said Mayor José Luis Martínez-Almeida.
And in addition, next to the video game campus, Madrid in Game also h the support of Madrid Game Cluster composed of almost 70 companies that work hand in hand on and off the campus to develop new gamification ide through the interaction between
professionals in the sector, local talent and industrial fabric.

All this thanks to the more than 25 million euros that the area of economy, innovation and employment of the Madrid City Council have allocated for the next 3 years.
The video game campus is one of the biggest bets in the city of Madrid.
Likewise, the video game sector h an exponential progression and gives work to more than 23,000 people indirectly and 9,000 directs.
In addition, Madrid forms 60% of the workers in this sector, but of these 70% they leave.
Therefore, with this project we want to avoid it, concentrating the entire industry here, adds the Vice-Calcaldesa Begone Villages.
Madrid in Game arises the initiative of the Madrid City Council with the aim of promoting the video game industry and the gamification of the city, in order to make it a world reference in the video game sector, all enhanced with an incubator-bereaved of projects, a center
of high performance of eSports and a pavilion of experiences where the video game museum will be located.