It started with Ash Ketchup and his Pikachu. In 1996, they set out to capture all the Pokémon in the world. The show has been a success for over 20 years and helped spawn as many as 156 episodes, 15 movies, and tons of merchandise.

Ash Ketchup and Pikachu have remained in numerous Pokémon defend 25 years.
Now the successful animation series wishes to go a new method.
However, one last experience is prepared for their big heroes in 2023.

Pokémon ends an era and restarts

Ash Ketchup and Pikachu have actually finally made it.


After their triumph in the Pokémon World Cup, the 2 are lastly the best.
The accomplishment now also means the end of an era.
As The Pokémon Business Group reveals, Ash 2023 is retiring.
Before that, fans can anticipate some unique repercussions of Pokémon Ultimate Travel: The Series.
With the final chapter of the adventure, the performance of the permanently young hero is to be celebrated and the loyal fans at the end of the 25-year journey should be noticeable.
A completely new Pokémon experience will start.
Even if Ash and Pikachu will no longer exist, fans can anticipate a few old associates.
Have a look at the very first trailer for the totally brand-new Pokémon series here:
New heroes: Trailer for the next Pokémon series

new heroes complete with well-known Pokémon

The new series is scheduled to appear in 2023.

Ash’s follower succeeds two lead characters who bear the names Like and Roy in the Japanese version of the series.
Your faithful pocket monsters might appear familiar to the fans.
These are Flora, Broke and Was, the three beginners from Pokémon Parmesan and Pokémon Purpura.
An amazing version of the famous monster Rayquaza will also appear in the series.
The Pokémon Company Group assures that the brand-new series will also offer what fans like: action, Pokemon, relationship and adventure.
The three starter Pokémon from the brand-new Switch experience enjoys excellent popularity among fans.
Apart from that, Pokémon Parmesan & Purpura need to have a hard time with major issues.
Even Nintendo had to ask forgiveness for the technical condition of the game and assured improvement with future updates.