Yesterday, Messi made 47 million Argentines happy, made 67 million French sad and left a Canadian on the verge of tears.
We refer to XQC, a Streamer Canuck with more than 2 million subscribers on YouTube and about 11 and a half million followers on Twitch.
During the final of the World Cup in Qatar, QC (Ali de Félix League) made a streaming during the game in which he opted $500,000 that France earned.
This w the warm of XQC in networks: I have been saying that France will win from the first game. I will support my words with money. The eiest victory of my life. I will burst the PayPal, newbies.
And here is the proof of his bet that he himself shared:
The fact is that the thing became so bad for France after the first half (the costumes were lost 2-0) that XQC decided to close the commitment to rest.
Not to lose everything, the streamer accepted $5,000 to surrender.
You can imagine the general messing that w in his chat when in the second part Mbappé began to score goals and threatened with the comeback.
It w if I had lost twice.
For betting on the wrong team and throwing in the towel ahead of time.

Worst of all, XQC declared Ludo path a few months ago, when he admitted to having lost about 2 million dollars in cinos in Lina, but defended that he would surely advertise bets.
I am addicted, and I know that I shouldn’t bet, but I still do it. Is that good? No, it’s terrible, it’s a disee and that’s bad. But do you know what? I can allow myself to be sick. I am a lot.
How not to enjoy the following video after such statements?
This is the time when the streamer closed its bet and lost $495,000.