There is the thing that burns in the Cinematographic DC.


If at the beginning they were all cheers for the decision to put James Gun (main responsible, among other things, of the success in Disney/Marvel of Guardians of the Galaxy) at the head of the Super heroic Division in Warner, soon changed the thing with the first
Project cancellations (with Michael Keaton’s Batman at the head), and sounded dismissals.

Goodbye to Henry Cavill but what about Gal Gadot?

The compliments became torches with the dismissal of Henry Cavill in his role Superman.
The actor, very dear to the fans, said goodbye to his audience in networks confirming that he hung the layer.
Thus, the cancellation of Wonder Woman 3 made all the alarms jump.
James Gun h dealt with the hatred awakened in networks responding sometimes directly to fans, which we do not believe it is a good idea.

Be that it may, they knew what they faced before a fandom intense the one feeds Marvel and DC.

One of the things that Peter and I knew when we sumed work directors of DC Studios w a certain online minority that could be, well, scandalous and unpleant, to say at let

James Gun
Minority or not, what is certain is that it is noisy.
Gun makes clear that the characters are above the actors who interpret them.
They have been between us in the comics for a long time, and defends the decisions they make because they are made conscientiously.
Our DCU elections are bed on what we believe is better for history and the best for DC characters that have existed for almost 85 years.
Perhaps these elections are great, maybe not, but they are made with sincere hearts and integrity and always with history in mind >
James Gun
In direct response to a fan who sumed that Gal Gadot w already out of DC, Gun replied:
I’m not sure where you get that we say goodbye to Gal

James Gun
Enough to calm the spirits?
Of course the answer is not a resounding yes.
For now, we must stay with the intention that they will create a broad and wonderful future for DC.
To which we add: With Gal Gadot, plee.