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The Valorant Xolos become overtime masters against Infinity in the Northern VCT

Going back to the northern matchups in the VCT Valorant, where the teams had a week to work and fine-tune the details they saw last week through their matchups, today we see them with a different face be able to demonstrate all the improvements they worked on. This short break to achieve victory in these new days within the tournament.

A flip of the coin
The first series put the Team Cruelty team against Fusion, starting in an Icebox map that would show the power of the offensive team from the beginning, managing to let Baez play comfortably with a Chamber that would make his rivals suffer by placing an 8- 4 in the first half, in the change of sides, the defense proposed by the Cruelty team worked very well for them without letting the rival react to gradually reach the victory point that closed the map with 13-6.

Changing the winds to reach an Ascent where the Fusion team would react tremendously by placing the first half in their favor thanks to Kolby Torrify Bruzo, who would do an excellent job in attack with his Chamber giving the possibility of leaving a 10- 2, during the change of roles the cruelty team needed to make use of those flashes that it has shown during their confrontations, however, the Fusion team would seek to quickly close the map with aggressive plays and forced rounds that would give them a draw in the Serie.

In a decisive map that would be Haven, both teams began with aggressive games to seek the advantage of bringing them closer to victory. Still, it would be a 6-6 during the first half that would remain marked. In the change of sides, Carlo Dcop Delsol would make big tackles with Fade that allowed him to get his team to plant the spike, and they managed to take the series on the day.

Movie series
We saw a highly anticipated match E-Xolos Lazer against Infinity in an Icebox for the second series, where the Infinity team started in defense. Still, the style that the Xolos had was superior, letting Santiago Daveeys Galvis do his job with Chamber to get to enter the map very successfully, earning an 8-4. Things in the second half will change a lot because they would send the map several overtime thanks to Infinity turning on the accelerator with the power of Daniel Theory Albadan that he would make 34 casualties. Still, the Tijuana team would be the one that played the rounds better, with Jesus jFoen Taboadawho closing the first map with 21-19.

Arriving at the second map of Ascent, we saw how the things we saw in the previous one were repeated because the Xolos were looking to take advantage of the power of Oscar Peloncito Palacios, who would make good use of Sova’s arrows to leave things 8- 4, in the change of roles, things would see the light in favor of the Xolos who learned from their mistakes on the past map to slow down to Infinity, letting jFoen react with his Raze to generate aggressions that would give them the map point and series with a 13-5.

Great games are the ones that were experienced yesterday thanks to those changes in the mentality of the new teams that arrive in the northern league and also that the north seeks to break the record for the longest game in competitive Valorant, now it will be necessary see what the teams show us today with the next day of the tournament.

When Genshin Impact is update 2.7 coming out? HoYoverse finally reveals the Release date

HoYoverse has announced that the next Genshin Impact update will take place. After the initial delay caused by the restrictions regarding the pandemic that has taken place in China, the developers are confident that they will be able to carry out the release of version 2.7 on May 31, 2022, from 00:00, Spanish peninsular time (CEST). As usual, there will be five-hour maintenance during which we will not be able to play and associated with a distribution of rewards.

Genshin Impact returns to normal in update 2.7
The arrival of the new Genshin Impact update will mean a return to normality for the HoYoverse video game. After six weeks of a separate update in two phases, the patches will arrive again with their events and gachapons. In this way, it has also been announced that version 2.8 will be released on July 13, 2022. The cycle invites us to dream of the arrival of Sumeru when summer is giving its last breath.

Reviewing the statements of the developers, we can expect
Update 2.7 Presentation : May 20, 2022 at 14:00
Update 2.7 release : May 31, 2022
Update 2.8 Released: July 13, 2022
Update 3.0 release: To be determined (end of August)

While we wait for the update to arrive, the current Kamisato Ayaka Gachapon event will still be available, and the promised rewards will also be delivered due to the delay. It should be noted that the compensation will be somewhat less substantial during the last week since only the corresponding proportional part will be given to the players. The company has also announced that the maintenance of the Relaxaterra placing function will end due to the next update.

In short, Genshin Impact is preparing for a remarkable recovery from the most significant bump it has encountered since its launch. New content or future video games from the company, such as Honkai: Star Rail and Zenless Zone Zero, are also close to arriving to continue expanding the world of free-to-play RPG titles created by the company. Everything seems to be progressing as expected, and we should not fear a chain reaction.

Hammer at play offs draw Italy Portugal Turkey Nordmasedonia

TEC MO World Cup ’90 is a video clip game of Game football published in 1989 by TEMPO. An informal variation of the video game called Euro League included clubs from the old continent. A not so real to Arcade was developed by Sims for the Sega Huge Drive renamed as Team World Cup ’92 as well as launched only in Japan.

The draw of the World Cup play-offs has given some interesting constellations. The pairings at a glance:

Way A:

Semifinals 1: Scotland — Ukraine

Semifinals 2: Wales — Austria (home right in the final)

Way B:

Semifinals 1: Russia — Poland (home right in the final)

Semifinals 2: Sweden — Czech Republic


Semifinals 1: Italy — Nordmasedonia

Semifinals 2: Portugal — Turkey (home right in the final)

for Mancini tricky, for Kurtz difficult

That’s very hard for us. Northern Macedonia is a good team, and then we have to play the final away, in Portugal or in Turkey. That’s very tricky, said Italy’s Trainer Roberto Mancini in the context of the draw. The Square Aurora could make the end tournament for the second time in series after this happened at the 2018 World Cup in Russia.

It will be particularly tricky for the former German U-21 coach Kurtz. His Turkey would probably defeat Portugal and Italy, which is clear against Nordmasedonia, to qualify for the End tournament in winter 2022 (21st November to 18 December). This is definitely the hardest path. The biggest desire is to bring the big final to Turkey, so we can see what is possible for us, Kurtz said.

For the play-offs, the ten group seconds and the two best group winners of the UEFA Nations League 2020/21, which are not landed in their World Cup qualification group, qualified on one of the first two places. Austria and the Czech Republic were in the Lost thanks to the Nations League.

2022 World Cup play-off Draw | European Qualifiers | Portugal vs Turkey - Russia vs Poland
The six best group seconds were placed in pot 1 (Portugal, Scotland, Italy, Russia, Sweden, Wales) and thus have home rights in the semi-final. Ukraine (pot 2) and Russia could not be dissolved against each other after a UEFA decision for political reasons.

The twelve teams deny three play-off ways (A, B and C) each with a semi-final game and a final (without return matches). The winners of these three ways qualify for the World Cup.

Asia against South America, Concacaf against Oceania

Even in the other associations, play-offs will still go over the stage. The AFC team (Asia) will be with the CONMEBOL Team (South America), the Concacaf team (North and Central America) meets the OF team (Oceania). The fifth of Asia will meet the best nation from Oceania on the fifth South America and the fourth of North and Central America.

None of the four representatives are so far. According to the current state, Australia or Japan could get the Playoff Square for Asia and should then get to do with a strong South America representative such as Colombia, Peru, Chile or Uruguay. Panama currently occupies fourth place in North and Central America, probable opponent from Oceania is New Zealand.

Where to see the play-off games

DAZN transmits all six semi-finals as well as the three final plays of the European Playoffs- in total so nine play-off lots — live and exclusive. The semi-finals rise on Thursday, March 24, 2022, the final matches on Tuesday, March 29, 2022.

Schedule: The main appointments to the World Cup 2022

Overview: These teams are already qualified for the World Cup


Themed Archive

Qatar 2022: The way from the World Cup assignment to today

on the subject

In December 2010, the World Cup 2022 is awarded to Qatar.

Five years later, FIFA decides to develop a World Cup in the winter months for the first time.

For eleven years, non-sporting topics have dominated the World Cup: It’s about voice purchase, exploitation of workers on construction sites and fundamental human rights.

HAMMER at play-offs draw: Italy, Portugal, Turkey, Nordmasedonia — only one goes to the World Cup

According to report on guest workers: Norwegian journalists arrested in Qatar

Eintricht Frankfurt not yet through despite late hits

Eintracht-Coach Oliver Glaser covered it after the 2-0 success in Freiburg the third victory in series — at the same starting eleven. Interledger was not fit again after his ankle violence, Patience was sitting back on the bench after a cattle muscle injury.

As an opponent, the Contract Antwerp faced coach Brian Prince, which in the league are ranked two in the Europa League to date but disappointed. The Belgians surprised something in the lineup, as their best scorer in the league, Frey (former Nuremberg, 14 league gates), rather across the wing came.

Ramada rewards the Contract — Angolan meets with lots of risk

Contract dominated the initial phase in the now usual 3-4-2-1, but without getting great for danger. The first attack then sat directly: Tuna strongly conquered the ball and continued to lead to Chandler, whose precise credentials made Canada recovered (13th).

Eintracht Frankfurt vs Royal Antwerp 2-2 Goals Highlight - 2021

Shortly thereafter, the guests who playfully found any means and only came across standards in front of the gate, after a corner a great opportunity: Trap wiped on the ball, then threw himself in the subsequent shot and defused his faux pas immediately (16. ).

Frankfurt has always found good switching moments and came well above all over the wings, the flanks mostly did not have a customer. And that should take revenge, because another corner, the ex-Mainz fishermen lifted to the criminal area, took Angolan Volley, his shot found by Nick composited the way to the gate — suddenly it was 1: 1 (33.).

Frankfurt was not shocked in front of 30,000 spectators and continued on, towards the end of the first passage also caused the degrees, but it only went with a draw into the catacombs.

From these guests came into a little higher, so the SGE offered a little more spaces. As in the first pass, the Contract everything under control, really appreciable but too rarely out — at least in the initial phase.

Böllerwurf, Var, two late hits — SGE not yet

Because then the fans in a negative sense were attentive: first the guest fans lit some firecrackers (61.), then a Bowler exploded immediately behind the gate of the guest keeper, this flew probably from the curve of the Frankfurter (67. ), Subsequently, busy had to be treated. Memories of the first leg were awake when a Bowler exploded from the block of Belgians directly next to Trap.

The game was barely backed up, the guest suddenly the guest seemed to be in the lead: After Fischer’s flank Stand Captain de Laet was slightly in the away, so that the Var collapsed the hit (71.). But even after that were the guests who now wanted the goal, the game flow was completely lost at Frankfurt.

And so it was not necessarily surprising that Samantha after presentation of Joker Alaskan Yusuf even scored the lead for the Belgians (88.). But that once again brought the last-minute harmony of the last weeks to the plan, Glaser moved his last weapon Valencia — and this stack, as in the first leg, in the detention time: Poetic brought his flank to the head of the Portuguese, the Ball Perfectly conveyed into the long corner (90. + 4).

Immediately thereafter, it was conclusion — but also with this late point gain. Because in the parallel game Olympiads spelled a victory, secured two — and can still overtake Frankfurt on the last match day. On the sixth match day, Frankfurt meets Fenerbahçe Istanbul, Royal Antwerp receives Olympiads Piraeus. The SGE is enough for a draw because it would win the direct comparison with the Greeks.

Aldi Several PS4 hits and complete

If you are looking for a gaming bargain, you are currently not only available for online retailers such as Amazon or Media Market, but also with the branches of the Discounter Aldi. Both at Aldi South and at Aldi Nord are several PS4 classics for a short time.

Cheap PS4 Games at Aldi

Since the 25 . November 2021 You can tape in the ALDI branches in total four modern classics for the PS4 at a bargain price. Who stands on brachial struggles, certainly comes with God of War full of its costs, which originally came to the market originally in 2018.

Somewhat less action rich, but it is much more gloomy with the action adventure The Last of Us Remastered to the point. But even the PS fans among you do not go empty and can alternatively access Gran Tourism Sport. The Action Adventure Horizon: Zero Dawn completes the offer. Each of these games costs only 8.99 euros each. However, they are currently not available exclusively in the ALDI branches and in the online shop.

Cheap PCs at Aldi

If you are looking for a new calculator, the visit of the discounter could also be worthwhile. There is currently several complete PC s to buy. The Median E62031 is not more designed for sophisticated gaming. In him work on Intel Core i5-10400, Eight gigabytes to memory and a 512 GB SSD hard drive. For this package you have to pay 499 euros.

The Median Eraser Engineer X10 for 1,599 euros is much better equipped. He waits with a Intel Core i7-11700, a GeForce RTX 3070 and 32 GB of RAM. He also has a SSD hard drive with a capacity of a terabyte. For 2,499 euros, the Median Eraser Hunter X25 Miami Ry zen 5900x, the GeForce RTX 3070 Ti and 32 GB of RAM. In addition, there is a SSD hard drive with two BYTE.

Source: A LD

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From André left
25.11.2021 at 10:45

NEW WORLD Rollback on EU Central

On November 24, 2021, the developers of New World have brought a patch on the game world during server maintenance, which carried out faulty calculations. It went with the patch around Tale reimbursements because of the previously Time skip bugs for New World for New World, where the server time is unplanned forward. What in turn resulted in that the heroes of Sternum had to invoke additional tale in settlements.

For the solution of the problem, in the eyes of the developers of Amazon Game Studios only one way: the New World (Buy Now €39,99) Rollback.

Why a rollback in New World?

In the New World Forum, developer Scot Lane explains this measure as follows: I want to briefly explain what happened. According to our patch today a separate database change in the EU was conducted to players since the publication of the Features in the game were affected by tax failures in the game, to grant tolerates. Through this database change, very high sums were falsely granted, which did not correspond to the intended amounts. Many players have spent this money and often bought large amounts of objects on the trading post.

As soon as we noticed the mistake, we took the EU worlds at 15:00 CET OFFLINE to find out what can be done to fix the mistake. When examining it became clear that there was no clean way, only the Players who had received money to correct because the secondary effects were widespread and many other players and systems concerned. Therefore, we decided to reset characters, companies and the trading post to 12:45 CET, so shortly before the database change was carried out.

Trading post again in focus

EU servers BACK UP with ROLLBACKS, EU trading post DISABLED,  ELITE CHESTS FIXED, and new world news

Problem has made the trading post, so the trading item is disabled until the error is cleaned up. But there are no items lost, as Lane emphasizes: To clear the clarification: Due to the deactivation of the trading item, no objects are lost. All objects that seem to be missing are restored after this data operation on the trading post.

The links marked are affiliate links. Affiliate links are no ads, as we are independent in the search and selection of the presented products. For product sales we receive a small commission, with which we partially finance the free content of the website.

Master Chief Pees In His Suit As Well As Smells Extremely Negative

Hallo programmers have actually lost new light on what Master Chief does when nature calls. As it ends up, he does not require to remove his match to alleviate himself– every physical liquid goes right into the suit.

Hallo franchise business supervisor Frank O’Connor told Polygon that everything that Chief secretes in a regular day enters into the match. It is after that reused as Master chief tackles his day.

There’s a noninvasive physical link beneath and also part of the base layer, O’Connor said. Spartans do not wince when they match up. Catheter suggests invasion but actually is used in the Mjölnir feeling to describe a sanitary valve system. Give thanks to benefits for 26th century super materials and also bespoke tailoring. Capillary activity takes place after deep space. Recycling is practically flawlessly reliable.

Why Master Chief can NEVER be a Doctor... (God Help Us All) | Living With Chief Ep.50

Hallo professional Joseph Staten weighed in as well, stating the manner in which Master Chief alleviates himself is not something the group proactively thinks of daily. Nonetheless, the workshop did come up with an approved explanation for just how it all works.

You know what? Master Chief simply… does it. [He] doesn’t have time to stress over physical liquids. He’s got extra vital things to do, as well as plainly […] he just does that in the match, Staten claimed.

Because of every one of this secretion remaining inside the suit, Master Chief likely scents very negative, O’Connor claimed. We were having a discussion [just recently] as well as somebody’s like, ‘I question what Chief scents like?’ and also I had the ability to rattle off a lengthy description of simply how dreadful it is, he said.

With the Halo television program scheduled for launch in 2022, maybe we’ll reach see Master Chief’s pee-suit in action. We can wish.

In Halo news unconnected to pee, Halo Infinite’s multiplayer beta is out now and also just recently passed 200,000 optimal concurrent gamers on Vapor. The rise in players was likely driven in component by the launch of the Crack: Terrie event, which adds brand-new cosmetics and also a new Fiesta setting, to name a few things. Have a look at our review of Crack: Terrie to get more information.

For more, look into GameS pot’s Halo Infinite multiplayer beta review-in-progress. We also recently reached tryout the campaign, and also you can review our Halo Infinite campaign impacts right here.

And also in various other news, Microsoft recently discussed why postponing Halo Infinite’s campaign co-op attribute was the appropriate thing to do.

Best Halo Games: Position The Mainline Collection Ahead Of Halo Infinite

See Extra

Halo Infinite This is the perspective of a hacker in full game

This is a list of one of the most effective video game that — determined by the sales, player and download numbers — are played the most. The checklist does not Infinite sufferssert to be finished.

Hallo Infinite suffers the arrival of the first traps. Infinite suffers already occurred with Call of Duty: War zone, the character Free to play of the multiplayer Opens the door to the Aim bots, Wall hacks and others on PC. Users have begun to upload some players testing that are completely skipped by the Antitrampse system. Seeing is believing.


So he plays a hacker at Halo Infinite

The Tweet under this paragraph is the clear example of the tramp hunted with hands on the dough. Hallo Infinite includes a movies’ mode that allows you to see the perspective of each player at the end of the game. Dougisraw on Twitter proceeded to do the same with a user who smelled rare. His peephole is nailing in the head of the enemies Infinite suffers soon Infinite suffers he spends the mouse over them. He gives him to escape some bullets through the wall.

The next one gives more the cInfinite sufferste yet. Aim bot makes you give impossible turns, always moving to the compInfinite sufferss of the path of enemy players. He manages to end the four rivals in a matter of seconds. Speechless.

From 343 Industries have not yet been pronounced about it, although it is expected that changes from its official marketing be carried out. Do not forget that until December 8 you are in Beta phInfinite sufferse. Everything is subject to change, minus your progress. Everything you do these days will be maintained.

Currently, the Fracture Terrie event is celebrated, or at leInfinite sufferst the first week when it will be available. In it, we can see the Special Fiesta list, a duel by teams in which you receive new weapons every time you reappear. When meeting challenges you will unlock thematic objects that you can find through this link. We remind you that the event pInfinite sufferss is completely free.

Dr Disrespect has enough of Warzone No new players only unemployed idiots without life

In Call of Duty: War zone had the controversial Streamer Dr Disrespect recently not much fun. He was eliminated by players who he denounced as unemployed idiots without life. What exactly so much excites him and what’s behind it, learn it here Mango.

Who is Dr Disrespect? Behind the choleric macho Poll with the porn mustache, the mirrored sunglasses and mullet Mane puts the person Guy Beam. The used to be community managers and map designer for Call of Duty.

The Doc is an exaggerated fictional character, a toxic Macho, who behaves like a bully and always drags about everything and everyone. He wants diverse gamer stereotypes parody and pointed satirical. Nevertheless, there were already more often trouble him and his utterances and actions.

As well his latest statements on the player base of Cod War zone. These were namely in his words only unemployed idiots without life.

Doc wants to see new players in the War zone

What has upset him so: The Doc was once again in the War zone go where he wanted to bring true power, speed and momentum over his enemies his motto neat.

But it never came, and the doc instead was riveted by an opponent and also in the Gulag there was no future for the Doc.

This inspired him tidy up, because it was a Monday morning and there was a very specific kind of players go. Foaming at the mouth, he etched:

There are literally no new people more playing War zone. There are really only cockroaches and unemployed idiots with no lives that play the game. It’s so! That’s so fucking pathetic. Especially on a Monday! There are so many unemployed. Who are unemployed on purpose that are so damn lazy! You know, I when my! The 42-year-old, who live still with their mom in the basement and are out of shape. This is pathetic!

What he means: The big problem of Docs is well that the player base is stagnant in the War zone in recent months. Who regularly plays in the War zone despite the great exodus of many players to other Battle Royales as Apex Legends is quite versed in the game.

DrDisrespect and TimTheTatMan Can't Stop Arguing in Warzone

That is, it is always a challenge to play against such players. New players would barmen for the Doc, however, easy prey, and he could leave and right with his characteristic game of violence, speed and momentum.

Instead, experienced Schweitzer were probably his typical enemies. Or stream Sniper, because the doc later raged further and insulted his opponents continue because that would not have to do better than him Snipers stream as a poor victim.

Is there still hope for the Doc? In fact, because the War zone will change soon and get a completely new map in the Pacific. It is quite likely that a large amount of players comes back or completely re going into the War zone. Then the poor Doc again enough helpless victims had to polish up to his ego.

NEW WORLD New update today brings money back money patch notes and maintenance work

New World brings a new update today, on November 24th. Thus, maintenance work. We from Mango tell you the patch notes and how long the server-downtime will last.

What is that for an update? Today’s patch is a small update that resolves primarily error. These errors include:

It is resolved a problem with the ritual quest, which led to players were prevented at the end of the quest when the interactive heart boy was used before the victory over Alas tor.
The harvest worker set is returned to the game and can be donated by MOBS. However, there are problems with the sets that have disappeared by a bug with the latest update. These will be reactivated only at a later date.
There are various stability improvements.

There will also be some coin refinements. For example, companies retreat their tales who made a declaration of war after the release of Patch 1.1. In addition, companies owned by an area receive a one-time refund of all stations that have been downgraded since the patch 1.1. This money should be paid directly with the return of the servers.

But even players return their money, namely for paid house taxes since the patch 1.1. However, these tales should only end up at the end of the weekend in the account of the players.

How long does the server maintenance take? The patch is played at 8:00 am our time, which then starts the server down.

The maintenance should last 3 hours. So the servers should be online at 11:00.

New World brings the second patch within two days

What happens at New World? Through the big update 1.1, many mistakes have gone into the game, which are now gradually fixed by the developers. Among other things, guilds could prevent a declaration of war in which they changed their name.

Already yesterday, on the 23rd of November, there was an update at 15:00 in German. There the following changes were made:

A problem was suspended, in which the time of a world suddenly jumps to a future date.
An error has been fixed in which some combat situations with many players led that these frozen worked, and their condition could not be transmitted to users due to excessive bandwidth utilization.
A rarely occurring problem has been fixed in which a server could crash.

In addition, the developers have temporarily reduced the house taxes by 90% to apologize to players who had restrictions on the Housing experience in recent weeks.

Company in turn, which controls the appropriate settlement, should still have 100% of the revenue by Housing tax.

When is the next update? Currently it is unclear whether today’s update is already the weekly patch. For this, the troubleshooting is still too low.

In addition, the developers indirectly announced the big December patch. Up to this update, the housing taxes should be reduced by 90%. When this update comes, however, was not revealed.

However, the developers have given an insight into their general vision of the endgame:

At New World, there is just much criticism of the endgame developer explaining their master plan

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