This is an unusual gesture in the landscape of the videoludic industry. After Shovel Knight starts to emerge for Yacht Club Games, with the recent launch on Kickstarter of his next title Mina The Hollower . Yet now the famous knight with shovel resurfaces, and this in the form of a zip file containing images and animation files.

Clip 7: Shovel Knight's 5th Anniversary!
The announcement was precisely in a Kickstarter post. Yacht Club Games wanted to be generous – very generous – and therefore decided to share more Shovel Knight development files in the form of a simple zip file, which takes on a real treasure chest. Weighing 1.30 GB, this folder entitled “Treasuretrove_Allart” contains icones, mockup, images, and gifs from the seven years of development of this flagship title. A gold mine for young developers, especially for facilitator apprentices, this Zip folder housing many files in.FLC, a format for animated software as promotion.

In this ad, the studio explains that the idea came to him in 2013, after seeing photos of an game jam where a developer used Sprites from Shovel Knight as a reference for his own game. In the Idea to help other creators, Yacht Club Games has shared this folder under Creative Commons, ie non-commercial license. “Bonne luck, treasure hunters, we hope you enjoy searching in the artistic archives and are eager to see how this will allow you to create your own games in the future.“, concludes Yacht Club Games.