Could Microsoft be the next major player in the streaming arena? That’s the question on everyone’s minds today, as reports surface that Microsoft is planning a potential takeover of Netflix. This could shake up the entire streaming landscape and open a whole new world of possibilities. Read on to find out more about this potential deal and what it might mean for Netflix and its subscribers!

Apparently a takeover of Netflix by Microsoft is prepared in the background.
As Reuters reports, Netflix is on the wish list of Microsoft and Satya Nadella would be ready to pay the 190 billion for streaming service.

Reuters explains: With a market worth of $1.8 trillion, which is 13 times as high as that of Netflix (as of: in early December), Microsoft can manage the takeover.
The Netflix business would rank a surcharge of 30 % with nearly $190 billion.
Reuters also reports that in spite of the high amounts, a takeover would be simpler in Brussels and Washington than the existing and open Activision Blizzard offer, considering that the 2 companies interact extremely closely and Microsoft President Brad Smith also rests on the Netflix board.


Microsoft may want to realize an all-in-one streaming service with Netflix and the Xbox Video Game Pass.