In the third part of the exclusive interview, Allan Saint-Maximin talks about his role models, the luxury headband as a trademark and its high IQ.

After an unsuccessful season at Hannover 96, Allan Saint-Maximin got his career in France going again. In 2019 he switched from OGC Nice to Newcastle United for 18 million euros and is one of the absolute top performers there.

In the third part of the exclusive interview with Allan and goal, the 25-year-old talks about his role models, luxury headbands as a trademark and the advantages of his above-average intelligence quotient.

Allan Saint-Maximin insists comments about Newcastle team-mates were 'taken out of context'

Allan Saint-Maximin about…

… his way to the gifted dribbler and corresponding role models: I grew into this role. Dribblings have always been my passion – whether at the futsal or at five years between the furniture. The ball was always by my side, I loved having him at her foot. I particularly liked the Brazilian players like Ronaldinho or Robinho, but France also had fine footballers like [Zinedine] Zidane. They inspired me, because of them I always wanted to dribble. If you start football at the age of four, train for ten or 15 years and keep taking care to practice with both feet, it is inevitable to get a certain quality on the ball. But not everyone is granted. It is even very difficult, but I love such challenges.

… his own style of play: I am a player who loves the risk and difficult to read. The opponent never knows if I pass left or right because I can dribble well with both feet. On the other hand, I am primarily a player who thinks more about his teammates than in themselves. Many think that strong dribblers are selfish, but when you look at my statistics, you notice that I often help my colleagues in the form of assists or dangerous passes. I want to create rooms for my teammates and at the same time bring myself into good positions in order to be able to set them scene. Of course, this does not always work and spectators certainly remember the ball losses more often. But my team comrades and people who understand football correctly know that I think very team -related.

was. There are also big tennis players like [Rafael] Nadal and [Roger] Federer who wear 1. My rastae braids are connected to the headband, because with a bald head, for example, it would certainly not look optimal.

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… family and his brother, who also acts as a consultant: family means everything for me, they were always there for me. In contrast to some people in the football world, family members not only look at the financial or sporting achievements, they love me above all as a person and therefore their opinion is very important to me. Family comes first. If I were just an average football player, outsiders would not shear around me.