After a 16-year break and a series of canceled suites, the first person PlayStation 2, Timesplitters shooter series, will finally come back to our screens. Following the announcement of the acquisition by Koch Media of Timesplitters IP in 2019 and the announcement by the director of the series and co-creator Steve Ellis of a “secret role” at Koch Media, he has now been confirmed that a new Timesplitters titles is in development.

Launched for the first time alongside the PS2 in 2000, the Timesplitters franchise has been widely hailed for its first-class split multiplayer and fast FPS shooting game. With the return of a number of the original FREE RADICAL design team, including the founders of the Steve Ellis and David Doak team, the next Timesplitters title is sure to bring the local multiplayer on shared screen in an industry dominated by the online games.

Speaking of the future of the franchise, Steve Ellis said: “To finally be able to confirm that the studio has been formed and we have a plan for the next timesplitters the game is amazing. Although we can not tell you more for the moment, we are looking forward to sharing information in the future. ” The development to begin in the coming months, it will probably take some time before hearing more substantial news about the future of Timesplitters.

TIMESPLITTERS IS BACK! New TimeSplitters Game From Free Radical Design Announced!

Free Radical Design will be reformed under Deep Silver Publishing, the Koch Media Games Editing Division. Over the years, Free Radical Design has experienced its fair share of difficulties – from 2006 to 2008, they had worked on Star Wars Battlefront 3, only to be canceled by the LucasArts publisher when the game was supposed to be finished 99%. This led the company to bankruptcy, which led to its acquisition by Crytek and its change in brand in Crytek UK. Under this name, Free Radical Design participated in the development of Crysis 2 and 3, as well as from Homefront: The Revolution. Once again, an external interference sent them in spiral in financial problems, while Crytek announced the sale of the IP Homefront to Koch Media before the exit of Homefront: The Revolution. With the gang that recalls and recovers to work, it is good to see them again.