In the Oberliga Baden-Württemberg, the Saturday games fell completely to the recent winter slump. At Friday evening, however, it was still played. At gray-butt wetter and under floodlight, the 1. CFR Pforzheim at FC Nattingen The Derby with 5: 2. The guests were still with 0: 2. De Santis had served Morton in the 21st minute with the hoe, the net to lead. Shortly thereafter, Dobros increased as well as a nice turn to 2: 0 for Nattingen (28th). For the guests a shock that the game has actually controlled and had several opportunities early. In the break there was then for Pforzheim but apparently a decent sip target water. Because in the second round, the guests played within 25 minutes in a true torrack. Sauerborn with his head and later with the thigh (51., 62.) and Münt by Sundayshot (57th) first turned the encounter. The substitute Rienhardt later laid a hits four and five later (72., 76.) and, with his double pack for a ultimately clear and deserved Derby success, caused the Pforzheim in the table to mattingen.

2022 0402 Oberliga BW FC Nöttingen vs. 1.CFR PFORZHEIM 02

Not yet deposed are the two basement duels on Sunday. Astoria Walldorf II receives the SV Linx. The SV Lörrach-Brombach has the Freiburger FC.