Anillo de Elden There is no shortage of classes to choose from, and whether this is your first fromSoftware game or not, choose with which to start can be an overwhelming task. Everyone has their uses and they really only serve as set points more than established game styles, but their initial statistics and, perhaps most importantly, their initial team, will determine how difficult or easy it is the moment it has at the beginning of the game And the distance you will be sure to ensure the construction you are longing.

Although choosing your initial class is a difficult decision, there are some clear favorites that must be taken into account according to the type of player you are and the type of character you want to have. You will find those mentioned below along with information about each of these classes on why you should consider them.


The vagabond seems to be one of the best initial classes for several reasons. It has a good combination of strength and skill to ensure that there are not too many initial weapons out of your reach, and has the highest vigor statistic of any of the classes, which means that you will start with more health than others. One of the greatest advantages of this kind is that it has a thermal shield that offers a 100% reduction against physical attacks, even if you do not resist repeated attacks as well as the larger shields do.

A disadvantage of this kind is that it is not particularly interested in faith or intelligence, so if you want to incorporate more enchantments or sorceresses in its construction, you will have to level up. The character comes fully equipped with a sword, a praise and heating shield along with an armor, so be sure to unnecessary items accordingly if you choose this class so you can roll faster.


This class received different names in Previous Releases from FromSoftware, but it is essentially the class based on magic in anillo de Elden that prioritizes the sorcerees. This means backing back and firing blue rays to your enemies while using occasionally melee attacks if things come too close to you.

Given the approach of this kind, the astrologer has high statistics of mind and intelligence that allow more powerful spells and more use of spells. It also begins with two spells, Glintstone ARC and Glintstone Pebble, to make sure you have sorceries for different situations.

While your skill statistic is not bad with 12, it has a low force with only 8 points, so do not expect something too heavy. You will not be as skilled in the body-to-body combat since you have a simple short sword and a scarce shield compared to other options, and your 9 points in force mean that you will not receive a beating like other classes. However, sorcerees have always been considered an option easier in the FromSoftware games, and the same can be true in Anillo de Elden if you separate from the enemies correctly.


You will find this class at the end of the list with nothing more than a club and some pieces of clothes. It looks quite unfortunate, and even the creator of the game, Hideta Miyazaki, recommends not choosing it. But before discarding Wretch, just listen to us.

Elden Ring - The Best Starting Class!

If you notice Wretch statistics, you will notice that it starts with a 10 in each attribute. That means that he is starting with a blank blackboard, which means he can take this class in the direction he wants. If you are concerned about having wasted statistics in a category, let’s say you just need 8 strength for the weapon you want, but now start with 10, you can be sure that this class also starts at level 1, which means that it is starting from zero with the lowest rune cost to level up.

While statistics are the benefit, the team is certainly a disadvantage. Literally, just start with a club and nothing else: without a shield, without armor, with nothing more than your memory that you choose. The beginning of the game will be more difficult because of that, but once you have a shield in your hands, you will find yourself on an equal footing, or at least comparable, with other classes.

Anillo de Elden is now available on PlayStation 4 platforms, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S and PC. You can see our game review here.