Sega Co., Ltd. released Sonic Frontier on November 8. Compatible platforms are PC (Steam) and Nintendo Switch/PS5/PS4/Xbox Series X | S/Xbox One. This is the first new work of the 3d action game featuring Sonic is a release for the first time in about 5 years. It is said that the delivery start time of the download version may differ depending on each platform.


Sonic Frontier is a new frontier action adventure game where you can enjoy Sonic’s unique ultra-speed action. Sonic, who arrives at the unknown islands of the unknown islands, where the ancient civilization sleeps, runs on a mysterious archeological site and an eerie enemy wandering to save friends.

It is said that this work has expanded the play elements to the world map itself used at the time of the stage in Sonic Force and evolved as an open z1. The open zone is an open world-style field, and gimmicks are scattered in various places. It is said that those gimmicks are a field where you can enjoy action in all situations, not the concept of the course.

The gimmicks prepared in the open zone are full of battle, mystery, side quests, and cyber spaces. These elements can be proceeded by each player in a free order. For example, the cyberspace, one of the gimmicks, is an area where you can enjoy conventional speed runs. You can enjoy gameplay like the Sonic series so far, such as a 3D stage with a depth and a horizontal scroll-type stage. This cyberspace is created by Super Science from Sonic’s memory, and there are landscapes that series fans are familiar with.

In the battle, a combo is sent out with an attack by a button operation, and the enemy is exhilarating defeated. Furthermore, if you combine avoidance, Parry, counter, special moves, etc., you will be able to make more stylish battles. It will be a design that is proportional to the coolness of Sonic’s action in the player’s skill. By gathering skills and acquiring skills, the action becomes more and more flashy. In addition, there is an auto mode for the skills that can be obtained, so that a variety of attack combo can be automatically released with one button. If you are not good at battle action, it will be a great system.

Also, some enemies waiting for Sonic have a huge body overlooking Sonic from the sky. In addition, at the end of the island is a huge giant god. Sonic will be a supersonic using the collected chaos emerald power, and will develop an aerial battle. The battle of Sonic, which has increased to power in addition to speed, is likely to be impressive.

Sonic Frontier has been a completely new work that has been released for the first time in five years since Sonic Force as a 3D action work featuring Sonic. Incorporating a new element of the open zone and changing the play file from the previous Sonic series, it also includes elements that will please fan so far. Whether you’ve ever touched the Sonic series, fans who have been waiting for a new work, it will be a work that you can enjoy.

Sonic Frontier is on sale for PC (Steam) and for Nintendo Switch/PS5/PS4/Xbox Series X | S/Xbox One. The price is 6589 yen including tax for both package and digital versions. The digital deluxe version is 7689 yen including tax. It should be noted that the download distribution start time may be different on each platform.