I have a hurry situation for you. The fact that Battlefield 2042 is what is, probably everyone has already heard, and some of you have even convinced. Nevertheless, when one of the larger creators of cheat games for network games resigns from support of the game, it’s probably something really for things, right?


One of the cheat creators informed clients on his Discord that he will not continue to support and develop his programs to Battlefield 2042. He also plans to offer his services in this title. The reason is not a court claim from Post Dice and EA, or any anti-cheat uploaded to this production. No, it turns out that the cheat creator is not able to efficiently act because of the bad state of the game!

Battlefield 2042 problems stitch on cheats that are not able to act smoothly. That is why our Agate resigned from their further development and distribution. Persons with a subscription on Cheats to Battlefield 2042 can use them to the end of the subscription, but then no one will be able to extend the service. Customers with lifetime subscription can replace it on the Call of Duty series game equivalent.

The creator added that and so hardly anyone uses cheat in Battlefield 2042, because the game itself dies. The poor status of the game also confirms Steam, which looks at the request for a refund (refund) on the platform. And even when someone played longer than set two hours.

You can always buy alternative clown field 2042 on steam 🙂