The Sims 4 is a really big game, and big games require frequent corrections and updates. From funny glitches to improvements in the user interface – this game needs constant maintenance. Here is the breakdown of the last patch.

Summary of notes to Patch SIMS 4 dated April 26, 2022

This last update for The Sims 4 is less than the majority, and is mainly focused on changes in the main menu. We collected and dismantled everything that was changed in the game.

improved polls

You no longer need to return to the browser to undergo a survey that you see in the main menu of the game. Any polls, such as voting for a new package, will be displayed in the main menu of the game, and now they can be held in the game itself, and not in the outer browser.

New filters for packs

When it comes to filtering or choosing certain packages, this function has undergone quite a few changes in appearance over time. There is nothing serious in this update, which will change the method of viewing and filtering packages. The game simply adds a few more filtering parameters, for example Sale .


Improvements of the main menu panel

Some minor aesthetic changes were made to the main menu in favor of a simpler and more pleasant user interface. There is also a new function that allows players to lead the cursor on the headlines on the main screen, which gives you an expanded performance with additional information.

Error corrections

There were not so many updates to correct errors in The Sims 4, but some were still noticeable. Errors were fixed for basic game, Decor to the Max, Outdoor Retreat and Discover University . These errors were eliminated:

Scenarios will no longer be deleted * upon moving the household.
Haircut for nail polish Fixed for CAS.
( console Games) Moving the walls and floors Error corrected .
The cancellation of the function of preserving the lot * will no longer cause instability in the game.
Fill out empty lots The function was removed from the game, as it is redundant from the history of the neighborhood .
The toilets played out can now repair .
Events planning menu was stabilized.
Resolution for
intra -game Overly Origin was stabilized.
Video playback was fixed and will be no longer shows the gray screen .
Repeated enrollment at the university after the suspension is corrected.
A decoction to relieve stress will now only be on grill.
Infinity circle Lighting was adjusted to match other light sources in the game.

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