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Fyng: Love Edition – Our Guide To Finding The Perfect Game For You This Valentines Day

For a week, whatever revolves around the website and in the live stream to play our love in our Fang: Love Edition.
Read here what awaits you in the coming days.
Our popular format Finds Your Next Game (Fang) goes into the next round.
The brand-new year is still young, and we took Valentine’s Day on February 14th as an opportunity to put the first Fang 2023 into the sign of love.
A FANG Called Love.
From 8.
Till February 14th you will discover many posts on our-and your-love to play plus amazing video game concepts on our sites.
On February 10th, our live stream event will begin on our Twitch Canal Monsters and Explosions.


By Tuesday, February 14th, we will send you live from Munich for at least 5 hours a day and present you to brand-new titles, chat in the live podcast about love and love in video games.
There is likewise a new edition of our show indie heartbeat.

The live program from Fang: Love Edition this week

Which mediators are at the start: As normal, the moderation will take control of our gaming hosts Julius, Ann-Kathrin, Maurice, Fritz and for the first time our brand-new video editor Leonard.
There are other visitors from the editorial offices of Gamester, Gamer and Mango in addition to some developers.
What is on the program?
In addition to titles that you can play shortly, like where long: fall Dynasty, Business of Heroes 2 and Wild Hearts, we look at upcoming cracks like the remake of Local Evil 4, Diablo 4 and Shadow Gambit.

The complete live program from Fang: Love Edition

What is this Fang?
Fang means Discover Your Next Video Game.
Behind it is a mix of a range of live streams and suitable editorial articles on all of our media pages.
So on Gamester, Gamer and Mango.
FANG’s focus is on our livestreams.
In numerous hours of live program on our Max-Monsters and surges jerk channel, we will introduce you to a great deal of brand-new games.
All of this is accompanied by talks, live gameplay sessions and enormous interaction with the community in chat.

“Alchemist of steel” smartphone game latest work! “MOBILE MOBILE” Wound man (Scar) and Kimburi, such as Kimburi, will be released! Voice actor sign colored paper present campaign 13th also started

Square Enix Co., Ltd. (Head office: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Matsuda Yosuke, following Square Enix) is a new one new character for smartphone game “MOBILE” for smartphones during pre-registration. We published information.

Square Enix Co., Ltd. (Head office: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Matsuda Yosuke, following Square Enix) is a new one new character for smartphone game “MOBILE” for smartphone during pre-registration accepted reception. We published information.

In addition, we will inform you that the voice actor sign colored paper present campaign was started.

Official site

# Newly disclosed 4 character information!

“MOBILE MOBILE” official site, wound man (Scar) (CV: Miyake), Zolf J. Kimburi (CV: Yoshida Yoshinobu), Izumi-Certis (CV: Tsudaku), Van Hoenheim (CV: Kohei Horiuchi) has published the character information.

At the official site, you can enjoy newly drawn character illustrations and recorded voices in the game.

# # Wound man (scar)

CV: Miyake Kenta

The survival of Ischwar people slaughtered by the Ameth Lis army. He has a big scratch on the forehead. Having his hometown, he worried about the national alchemy who has taken the life of his siblings violently and spends it in that revenge.

# # Zolf J. Kimburi

CV: Yoshinoyuki Yoshino

National alchemy with two names of “Guren”. A gentleman appearance, but the owner of dangerous concept that remembers raised against life and death. He was in the war of Ischwar, and he buried many humans regardless of the enemy and has been imprisoned.

# # Izumi Curtis

CV: Tsudaku

It is an excellent alchemist and the master of Elric brothers. She taught me something about alchemy and beating the body. Her guidance is a sparta, such as living her little brothers for a month on a monthly island, but everything comes from love of thinking two people.

# # Van Hoenheim

CV: Horiuchi Kenji

Ellic brother’s father and alchemist of the eager army. He calls his themselves different from human beings. His son contact him, he left home for a certain purpose and has been long.

# Voice actor sign colored paper present campaign 13th, held!

From today, we will hold a voice actor sign colored paper present campaign 13th!

“Alchemist Mobile Mobile” Official Twitter account (@hagane_mobile) is followed, and it is a wound man (scar) role in two people by lottery from the person who retweeted by the application period, Zolf J. Kimburi We will give you a sign colored paper of Yoshinoyuki Yoshino.

Application period

Monday, April 4, 2012 (Monday) until 23:59

# # Official Twitter

# Pre-registration is accepted at the official site!

Due to the number of pre-registrants, luxurious rewards volume up!

In the case of 500,000 pre-registrants, we will give you a total of 20 items and SR units “Winly”, etc.

SR unit “Winrie”

Pre-registration page

# “Alchemist Mobile” Product Overview

※ Images are being developed.

“Alchemist Mobile” is the latest work of smartphone game “Steel alchemist”, a dark fantasy comic “steel alchemist”, which is drawn by a total of 80 million copies of the whole world series.

A number of original stories and combat scenes drawn by high quality 3DCG. I express the world of my heartbreaking masterpiece in the directory of commitment.

Title Steel Alchemist Mobile
Supported OS iOS / Android
Genre Tactical RPG
Delivery date 2022 summer delivery schedule
Play Charge Item Private Type (Basic Play Free)
Official site
Official Twitter / Hagane_Mobile
Rights notation © 2021 Arakawa Hiroshi / Square ENIX CO., LTD. All rights reserved.

★ 2nd PV PV 1

# About Square Enix Co., Ltd.

Square Enix Co., Ltd. is a leading company that keeps creating creative and innovative content / service hit works in the entertainment field.

The Group’s own IP of the Group is the “Dragon Quest” series (total shipment, download sales number 83 million), “Final Fantasy” series (more than 164 million), “Tomrader” series (85 million) Books or more), there are “Space Invader” series. (

※ Square ENIX and SQUARE ENIX logo, Dragon Quest / Dragon Quest, Final Fantasy / Final Fantasy, Tomb Raider / Tomb Raider, Space Invader / Space Invaders, Other Company Name, Square Enix Group in Japan and Other Countries It is a trademark or registered trademark of.
※ Other company names and product names mentioned are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners.

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