In Lost ARK, one of the events in which you can take part is called boss Rush . In it you can unite with three other players to destroy the bosses in a limited time. However, before you can do this, you need to complete a guide announcement: Boss Rush quest.

You can perform it at any time after the completion of the main plot quest (Ealyn’s Gift Main Quest) and reaching level 50. You also need to have an object level of 802 or higher.

When do you unlock the management announcement: Boss Rush quest in Lost Ark?

To unlock the management announcement: Boss Rush quest, you must first fulfill the above criteria, and then get in your hands Entrance ticket at Boss Rush. You can get one of these input tickets randomly from both chaos dungeons And Guardians *.

How to Unlock Boss Rush Quest | Lost Ark

As soon as you do all this, you will get access to the events of Boss Rush! You can use up to three tickets each time to get more awards.

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