The toads are collectible in Paper Mario: the king of origami. As strange as it may seem, since the Kingdom of Mushrooms has been, once again, destroyed, it has dispersed various crapauds on the map. Finding and saving every toad rewards the player with trophies and allows the crapaids to encourage you to fight.

Once players meet Captain Toad Paper Mario: The King of Origami, new travel opportunities are unlocked. Players can browse the great sea, a place covered with small islands and shades to rescue. There are eleven islands to find, and each has a hidden toad on it. This is not the most crucial of secondary quests, but for those who seek fully finishing the game, not one to miss.

These islands are very small. The waters are relatively open, so it’s easy to get around without realizing that a small rock with a hill is actually the island to stop and explore. We have a map of all islands (and dive sites) for players who hope to quickly save all cruising crapauds.

In the map above, the eleven islands are the symbols: Tour, heart, diamond, etc. The diving places are marked with a red “X”.

The eleven islands are, starting at the top left:

All 11 Island Locations and Diving Locations in The Great Sea in Paper Mario The Origami King
1. Sea Tower – top left, 1B
2. Spade Island – 1D
3. Club Island – 3B
4. Diamond Island – 3D

  1. Full Moon Island – 3F
  2. Hammer Island – 4A
  3. Heart Island – 4D
  4. Mushroom Island – 4th
  5. Mystery Island (?) – 5B

Most of the names of the islands correspond to their icon: Spade Island is a cat, like the card costume, for example. Full Moon Island is a circle, while Hammer Island could easily be confused with a sign. Scuffle island is a square at the bottom left of the map.

The islands are only accessible after talking with Captain Toad. You will have to first find it. He will agree to travel with you on the seas and take you where you have to go. Once on board, you control the ship and will have to stop on every island and find the hidden crapauds on it.