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Haegin, implementation of Lotteria Brand Hall in Play Together

[ Park Yeo-jin reporter] Begin (CEO Lee Jong-il) announced on the 31st that it opened the Lottery Brand Hall in ‘Play Together’ with Lottery Vietnam (Lottery).


According to the company, Lottery, located in the main plaza of CIA Island, has implemented offline stores from tables, seats, counters, and menu, and the actual popular menu appears as a food item in the game.

There are seven menus that can be seen in Lottery, CIA Island, including Bulgari burgers, shrimp burgers, and seasoned potatoes.

The store appears as Lottery’s representative character Roy, Rod, and Locking ENPC (NPC) to welcome users to visit brands. These NPC characters were reborn as 3D characters in the game as a design selected at the Lottery Character Design Competition last year.

Among them, Roy provides a special mission to the users who visit the brand, and when they are completed, Lottery costumes are presented as a reward.

Meanwhile, the company patched Arabic for game users in the Middle East, which is increasing in Fly Together, and added that a total of 13 languages are supported.

Miami: Mercedes reports back

Mercedes reported back before the new Formula 1 race in Miami (Sunday, 9:30 p.m./Sky). With a new rear wing, George Russell was surprisingly turning the fastest round on the 5.412 km long course in 1: 29.938 minutes, his team -mate and record champion Lewis Hamilton underpinned the good impression of the silver arrows with fourth place (+0.241).

The World Cup leading Charles Leclerc (+0.106) ended up in second place, while world champion Max Verstappen had to deal with technical problems and did not create a circle in the second session.

The BIG Upgrade Mercedes Is Bringing To Miami GP
“I can’t steer at all, sorry, the steering hangs,” the Dutch sparked on his Red Bull box.

Ex-world champion Sebastian Vettel (Heppenheim) in Aston Martin and Haas-Pilot Mick Schumacher still had difficulty with the new route around the hard rock stage. Vettel became 15., Schumacher landed a place behind it (+1,649).

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Before the fifth race of the season, Leclerc has 27 points ahead of Verstappen in the World Cup ranking, which most recently won in Imola. “I don’t know who will be ahead this weekend,” said Leclerc, so far it was “always very narrow” against Verstappen. However, he was sure that he had “a chance” for victory if he didn’t make mistakes.

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