Everything is arranged, for the game of the relatively young year. On Tuesday evening (18.45, live! At German Champion), the German Champion Bayern Munich expects French title carrier Paris Saint-Germain to the quarterfinal first leg of the Champions League.

And for the first time, Bayern women will spend a home game in the Allianz Arena. 10,000 tickets are already sold. Bayern coach Jens Scheuer hopes for 12,000 spectators: “That would be a dream.”

This will be one of the few games in which we are not favorite.

Jens Scheuer

He no longer feel pressure, but just anticipation for the big game in the Great Stadium, tells the 43-year-old. “That will be one of the few games in which we are not favorite, because in my view there is no favorite. Both teams meet at eye level. The courage will decide.” The French – where ex-Bayern player Sara Däbritz moves the threads in midfield – have an “incredibly high quality in the offensive area”, the Bayern coach has observed. In refurrenced, his team will not be.

Dallmann pragmatic: “Show that we can kick really well”

Antriberger Linda Dallmann looks pragmatic: “It will be a big experience and is a great chance for us to show that we can kick really well.” They will be nervous and tense anyway, but that does not hang together with the special setting and the great backdrop. “That’s what I’m before every game,” says the national player.

I’m sorry and preparing me sleepless nights.


Jens Scheuer

But a “problem” is still a “problem” before the game against the two-way from France: “We have too many good players in the squad. That makes it difficult for me to decide who I should set up. But I am happy that I’m this problem HAVE, “he tells. “I realize that I have the ass card. After all, it’s the game of life for some players. And I can only set eleven. I’m sorry and preparing me sleepless nights.”

No option for Tuesday is, however, Marina Hegering. The central defender who is leaving FC Bayern at the end of the season, has been falling off for weeks for knee proproblems and has currently infected with Covid-19.