Bayern’s coach Jens Scheuer watched the first structured attacks of his team after Wilder initial phase, according to Dallmann’s approach (7th), Bühl awarded a top chance to leadership (9th).

Dallmann counters de Caigny – Feldkamp as a pitch bird

Bayern Munich - Road to UCL Victory 2020
The managed on the other side of the Caigny, whose slatting head ball jumped from the shoulder of Bayern-Keeperin to the line over the line (13th). The Münchnerinnen remained unimpressed, and dominated more clearly and equalized to Schüller’s PLASPASS by Dallmann (18th).

TSG-Coach Gabor Gallai experienced continuous pressure of the title champions and good opportunities by Magull (20th) and Kumagai (25th) – and the deserved leadership of the guests, as Feldkamp Simons brought a bit into his own goal (28th). Hoffenheim was offensive not to move and was able to talk about happiness that Gwinn left the 3: 1 shortly before the cabin cycle (41.).

Bayern lightweight – TSG fantastic

Also in the second pass, the FCB went lightly with the chances, Magull did not meet the ball from a short distance (48.), Dallmann failed at a class footprint of Tufekovic (57th). De Caigny could not use a reciprocity of FCB-Torfrau’s guide to 2-2 (49.), Hail, on the other hand, refined a great combination of the Kraichgauerinen to compensate with a shot in the angle (63.).

Rall does not need a long time

The Bayern’s answer promptly followed. First, Schüller still met the outer post (66th), then the shortly previously replaced rall with their already ninth goal this season the renewed lead. Schüller (68.) and Damnjanovic (90. + 1) missed the final decision, which then managed Damnjanovic with the last action and the 4: 2 final point.