Once again, Karim Adam was a key player at Red Bull Salzburg’s rise to the Champions League eighth lap. Now he confirms his whereabouts until summer.

First, Karim Adam put the victory gate of Noah Orator exemplary via cross pass, then provoked with a toxic run in the depth the yellow-red card of Seville midfielder Joan Jordan.


I’m overjoyed that I can move on with such a team here. I’m overjoyed that we are in the second round, and I’m looking forward to celebrating. It was important that we kept the peace. For us a 0: 0 would have been okay, and then they opened behind, and we used the chance. The points were important and that’s all that counts, the German cheered after closing whistle at SKY.

We as a team did that and not the individual has written history. I am here at Salzburg and wanted to achieve exactly that with this team. We as a team have done that and not the individual has written history here at Salzburg, and I am Just wanted to achieve this team.

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The 19-year-old scored three goals in his six Champions League appearances and prepared two more hits. Bayern Munich, Borussia Dortmund, Barça and PSG have Adam on the list — a farewell before summer it will not give as he confirms. When asked if he will deny the secondary finale with the FC Salzburg, says Adam: In any case.