It’s easy to overlook the mental state of your character while you fight for your life Project Zombie . It is also easy to say how your figure could become depressive if you are looking for food in the forest and has to be barricaded at night in houses. However, depression in Project Zombie can mean the death of its character. Depression will cause your character to make everything slower, which makes it easier for you to be overwhelmed by zombies. Let’s discuss how you can heal the depression of your character in Project Zombie.

How to heal depression in the Zombie project

The best way to heal depression in Project Zombie is to stop it before you use. Since depression are the highest form of dissatisfaction rebuffs, you would like to get rid of dissatisfaction as soon as you see it. If you make the misfortune to a depression, that does not mean that you forever hold on. Everything you really need to heal depression is to do things that relieve the unhappiness.

One of the easiest ways to get rid of depression is a good meal. You have to eat anyway to survive, so why not go the extra pieces and make the food a bit better. The consumption of tasty foods such as chocolate and sweets can help with depression. Even the easy addition of additional ingredients and spices to mild food contributes significantly to relieve depression.

If you hold your character in mood, it also helps with dissatisfaction and depression. Listening to things like music or do television, brings a bit of joy into the life of your figure and can help relieve sadness. The reading of knowledgeable books also helps with depression and also increases their skills. There is no reason not to spend some time with reading while you drive the time in the game.

If you can find it, to find antidepressants, you will heal your depression on a strike. You can find where most other medicines are found, and sometimes with zombies. These will not heal your depression immediately as soon as you take the pills, it takes about two hours in the game until you act. However, this will completely heal your depression when you work. If you have more problems with Project Zombie, you definitely read our other instructions.


Project zombie is now available on the PC.