The lack of hits is one of the biggest problems that Overwatch players face. This problem is aggravated for players trying to play in Widow maker, Heinz or even Sojourn (there can be no bright Kirk without getting through these heads). The reality is that every player can work on his goal, regardless of how much he plays. Fortunately, there are some tricks that players can familiarize themselves to help.

How to be more accurate in Overwatch 2

Placement of Crossing

The simplest thing that the player can do to improve his accuracy in Overwatch 2 is to place the sight more reasonably. Players should always keep the sight at the head level of a potential enemy. Thus, if someone comes from an unexpected angle, he can simply turn and shoot, and not try to bring the camera to the target.


This technique is similar to what is known as preliminary aiming in Call of Duty. To move on, players can place the sight to where the enemy will most likely appear. Thus, as soon as they appear, all that the player needs to do is to click and shoot.

Take a look, for example, at Midtown. When protecting the payload, where will the enemy are likely to attack? If the enemy does not have a fatal widow in the campsite, they definitely attack from under the bridge. Therefore, smart players will keep the sight already under the bridge, waiting for the enemies to be within reach.


Each clash with an enemy, in which it is difficult to get (as in any Lucio)? Tracking is one of the skills that can help defeat such players. Tracking is carried out when players can monitor the moving object with their sight. With the help of this technique, players can catch a runaway enemy, watching his movement.


Unfortunately, not every enemy will stand still, waiting for shots. Enemies appear from everywhere, and the only way to cope with an unexpected enemy is to click. Click is performed when the player quickly moves the camera so that the crosshair is on the enemy.

The best way to practice shooting is to go to the training ground and shoot two training bots next to each other. Try to move the sight from one training bot to another with one quick movement. If the player can do this smoothly, without the need to reconfigure, he is ready to perform clicks in the game.

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