Choir Jae-won SK Group Senior Vice Chairman returns to the executive officer.

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SK ON, opened the board of directors and temporary shareholders at the morning of the 17th, and the senior vice president decided to appoint the Ministry of Corporation and each representative.

Choir, Senior Vice Chairman, shall carry out SK on each SK with the president of Jo yup. Choir, Chief Vice Chairman, took a growth strategy and global networking. The representative is responsible for the overall management. SK ON Board of Directors shall take advantage of Kim John SK Innovation, as shown in the past.

Choir, Senior Vice Chairman said, We will contribute to the expansion of the SK Group’s carbon strategy, accelerating the SK Group, the expansion of the global electric car and the battery service market.

Prior to, the ministry of Senior Vice Chairman was promoted to the senior vice president at the age of 47 in SK Group executive personnel in December 2010,

In March the following year, prosecution has been informed in the investigation of the SK Group’s non-mail and embezzlement. Choir, Senior Vice Chair, was arrested in December.

In January 2012, Choir TAE — won and the company, and the funds of SK Group affiliates returned 46.5 billion won, and the last senior vice chairman, which is applied for useful for optional investment, was finalized in the Court of February 2014.

Even behind the exemption, the ministry of Senior Vice Chairperson was applied for five years of employment restrictions on a certain economic crime, and has been in charge of the employment restrictions on October, and the restriction of job restrictions was expected to return to the management at the year of the SK Group.

According to the industry, Choir Sejong, has been a great deal of attention to the electric vehicle battery market. At his last five years of employment restrictions, the Ministry of SK E & S, which is a restarted officer of SK E & S, has been known to have a support for the battery business.

The senior vice chairman is a major event, such as a battery production plant such as Chungcheongsan, China Hangzhou, Hungary Kaboom, and US Georgia, We have poured out the interest and affection for each person.

Choir, Senior Vice Chairman, joined SKY in 1994 after the MBA course at Harvard University

All. He has been under construction, business planning, SK Telecom vice president, SK E & S, and SK Corporation.