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Blade of extracted Hinokami blood, Switch version March 3,

NEW Switch Tech in Demon Slayer Hinokami Chronicles
Ceramic Scheduling Korea (Representative Saito) said that the pre-order of the Nintendo Switch only game software ‘Nintendo Switch only for the release of NITNDO SWITCH, scheduled to be released on June 9, 2002, starting from 12:00 pm on March 3. Early purchase benefits are scheduled to present [Ufotable New Illustrated Mini Character Stickers].

‘The blade of the extracting’ is a cartoon work of the original Goto Koay day that the cumulative issuance of the cumulative issuance exceeds 150 million. Boys who are killed by the family to the blood, and the Beginning of Camado, which is a burnt, Nezuko to return to a human began to return to a human, As a result, it became a big topic in Japan as well as Japan.

Based on the annimation ‘blade of the animated’ extracting ‘, the blade of the home game’ the blade of the exhaust of the animated ‘devastation’, I am exceeding 1600,000. Two modes of BASS mode, which can be used by combining two solo play modes and favorite characters that can be experienced by “Kama,” You can enjoy the worldview of ‘blade of fetish’.

The Nintendo Switch version can choose and fight 24 characters, including six player characters added in the leading platform update. In addition, Nintendo Switch platforms were the “Nabby Mansional Bok”, which could be obtained in the privilege of the Deluxe Edition, which could be used for the character opening, etc., You can get the costumes available in Suspension from the beginning.

For more information on the ‘Blade of Nephri, the Blade of the Nephroma, the official website can be found on the official website.

Guinness World Records Claims Speedrun Videos

Guinness is Falsely Copyright Claiming Hundreds of Speedrunning Videos! [RESOLVED]

The Guinness World Records recently claimed the copyright on several videos of Speedrunning on YouTube as it intended to promote a new record of Super Mario Bros. The new record was established by a player nicknamed Kosmic and the time on his race exceeded the previous record at 18: 59.856. When Guinness tried to present Kosmic’s video of the rise on their own YouTube channel, they triggered a wave of copyright claims that they provide fans inadvertently. Super Mario Bros. is available on several Nintendo consoles, including the Nintendo Switch with the Switch Online subscription unlocking access to classic NES and SNES titles.

After several Speedrunners have been affected by Guinness’s claims for copyright, they brought the accident to their attention and Guinness World Records was quick to remove their claims. YouTube has been quite capricious over the years with respect to the videos claim and the Guinness World Records is only the last people to have claimed several videos inadvertently when promoting a new record. The Speedrunners still record their sequences with timestamps in case their last execution would be the most successful and it is a shame that the copyright claim system on YouTube is so confusing to navigate.

With regard to the Suede Super Mario Bros., there are only 4 tenths of a second between the world record and second place in the Warpless category. Defenseless races involve taking any of the shortcuts available on several levels that allow players to browse entire worlds.. It seems that it is an error with the automatic claims of the Content ID system of our channel. Should now be corrected, claims released. Sorry for talking about worrying, we know how painlessly it can get these notifications. ยป

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