Under the brand Metz, 2 firms in the field of flash tools, plastics technology, SD production (Metz Match GmbH) and also the consumer electronics (Metz Consumer Electronics GmbH) based in the Franconian Indore.
The Metz Consumer Electronics offers an overall of three brand names with Metz Standard, Metz Blue and also Cocoa on the German market for consumer electronics.
Owner of the firm location has been the Drum Group from Fürth given that 2015. Metz Consumer Electronics GmbH has leased numerous facilities on the website. The previous household company develops, creates and offers top-notch items of photoelectronics, plastics modern technology and consumer electronics. Growth as well as production of the items happen in Germany. The business was founded in 1938 by Paul Metz. In 2013, the Metz operates at the IFA committed the 75th anniversary.
After Metz Were GmbH & Co. KG introduced insolvency in November 2014, it came to divide in 2 companies at the start of 2015. The television department selected the sale to the Chinese television manufacturer Sky worth, as well as the Drum Group from Fürth took over the Sectors Metz Megalith as well as the plastics designer as Metz Match GmbH. In September 2020, Metz Match GmbH likewise needed to register personal bankruptcy, it is presently being managed.

For CES 2022, a manufacturer has introduced a very special PC housing. Because the case offers you a fascinating design.

The Consumer Electronics Show, short CES, is one of the most important trade fairs for consumer electronics. Different manufacturers often present new products in the hardware area. In addition to the big manufacturers like Sony, AMD and Nvidia, smaller developers also present new products.

A manufacturer is about CyberPowerPC. Above all, the company produces finished PCs, which are then sold to users, but they also have their own housing on offer. One of them should certainly like some of you. Because that has a special function that also looks perfect.

New gaming case looks like a science fiction movie

What is this for a housing? Under kinetic architecture, we understand when building or objects can move and customize to engage in wind or light.

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The CyberPowerPC manufacturer now represents this principle in its latest housing and specifies its new series Kinetic Series Chassis. Kinetic Series Chassis. For the front of 18 movable flaps that open automatically when the PC needs more air because it is about too hot will. You do not have to create hand, and try tips when your PC should be too hot.

Inside there is a sensor system, which checks the temperature of your built-in hardware every few seconds and then adjusts the ventilation flaps accordingly. You do not have to do anything, but can easily watch how your computer case in the truest sense breathes. In the official video you can also view how that works exactly:

The manufacturer itself explains in his YouTube video that the housing could be dynamically adjusted to each degree. It is not a maximum of air, but about this particular momentum:

The adjustments are not limited to a simple opening and closing, but to open and adjust in real time to each level of temperature change. It takes the environment true and steads all together and expands to adapt to the situation with micro-adaptations.

Nam Hoeing of CyberpowerPC

The developers explain on their own website, we hope that this design triggers a creativity thrust throughout the industry, which is fundamentally changing our way of thinking about design.

When the case appears and what should it cost? The company had declared that you want to deliver the case from the 3rd quarter 2022. That’s about us in late summer or autumn. The price should be at $250 and should cost about 250 euros with taxes. If you want to buy the housing, you should note that even import fees will come on top of that.

What do you think? Do you like the presented case, and would you buy it for 250 euros, or would make you a constantly moving case up nervous? Tell us in the comments!

Other cool computers: You are looking for more exciting news about crazy or impressive computers? A YouTuber has built a spectacular housing that can also breathe. Because the cooling works theoretically like a lung:

YouTuber builds soft gaming PC with magnetic cooling, without fan — works like a lung