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Valorant: Riot takes new measures to end the cheats by Windows

If you have an ancient version of Windows and play one from the list of games that Riot Games has, this news will interest you a lot, since you run the risk of not enjoying them soon. As of November 24 of this year, Valorant will stop admitting ancient Windows versions that are not fully compatible with avant-garde, the specialized software and antitrampas that you have to install, while this shorter tactics.

Why of this decision? Because these versions of Windows are no longer compatible with Microsoft , which allows the cheats to avoid certain security functions that allow game developers to maintain the security of Valorant, so the wave of the wave of Cheetos would increase and experience in the game would be more than unpleasant for rivals.

These versions that will become obsolete from Windows are the following:

* 1507

1511 *
* 1709


How to know which version of Windows you have on your PC?

To know what version of Windows you have on your PC, There are two ways to find out . The fastest is to give start, execute and put in the Winner command. There will be immediately that version that your computer has. The second is somewhat longer, but equally effective. You go to Start menu, configuration, system, about and the version number will be next to the version section.

The first two numbers are the year the version that is running was launched, so if these are greater than 17, it is fine and you will not need to update the computer to play Valorant with your friends. Throughout these days, and before this period is over, Riot’s own antihero program will notify you that your version will stop being suitable , so you must update it in case they leave you Those ads.

Activision Blizzard: extrajudicial agreement in complaints for sexual harassment of approx. 18 million US

According to a report of Washington Post, the competent judge of an out-of-court agreement of 18 million US dalls in the proceedings between Blizzard and U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) approved. This procedure in addition to the lawsuit of the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing. The agreement reached states that ACTIVISION Blizzard will provide a total of 18 million US dollars for those affected. In addition, the publisher still undertakes to enforce his guidelines regarding sexual harassment and to work on preventing preventive harassment and discrimination at work.

In addition, one explained to sign a consultant from the outside as support from the EEOC. “We are grateful that the Federal Supreme Court has processed our agreement with the EEOC and found that it is fair, adequate, adequate and in the sense of public interest,” says CEO Bobby Kotick in an official statement of Activision Blizzard. “The approval of the General Court is a crucial step on our way to ensure that all of ACTIVISION Blizzard is sure to feel safe, perceived and encouraged at all times,” Kotick continues his statement. The EEOC has also been expressed and stated against GamesRadar that it is satisfied with the monetary compensation, but also emphasize that it was important that Blizzard is committed to continue to work on these problems.

However, this procedure is not the only action due to misconduct in the workplace. The California Department of Fair Employment and Housing (DFEH) has also filed a lawsuit last year due to similar points. The EEOC is a federal authority, while the Dfeh is assigned to the state of California. The two authorities could not agree on a common way, which is why both separate complaints submitted. The California authority says that the agreement between the EEOC and Blizzard could prevent them from pursuing further damage. The court date was scheduled for February 2023 after it has been successful Activision Blizzard’s attempt to allow the action to adjust.

Although a method is coming to an end and another first year is due, the gaming giant must deal with further allegations. Thus, only last week, a Blizzard employee has filed a lawsuit for sexual harassment in the workplace and also the family whose daughter was at Blizzard and 2017 suicide began to sue up the company. But as if that was not enough, Activision Blizzard is sued because of the planned takeover by Microsoft also sued by several Shareholders.

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