Fighting gamers can not talk about the company in Korea if they are gamers who have just searched for arcade sticks. Is it an arcade stick producer well known in the domestic market? This is the IST solution. It is also producing ‘makestick’, which has already been distributed to many users in Korea, and ‘Knee lever’, which was produced by the ‘Myeongshin’ fantasy lever and the Tekken professional gamer ‘knee’ player.

Stick Figure War

I also like fighting games and I like sticks, so there are three sticks, one of which is the makestick produced by the IST solution. So I was very interested, and I bought and used various levers directly through the IST solution, so I was curious about making levers.

In fact, last year’s IST solution announced a new custom stick called ‘Makestick Prime’ and participated in the Play Expo. But unfortunately, I missed the opportunity as the Play Expo offline event was canceled. Fortunately, I was able to hear that this year’s IST solution will participate in the Play Expo, and this time I wanted to meet and listen to the IST solution, new stick, and lever.

Song Dae -jin, a representative of the IST solution I met at the site, said, “I saw the actual users, manipulated the stick, solved the question, and saw them solve and decided.”

Q. If you are a fighting gamers or users using sticks, you may know well, but some users who don’t know the IST solution yet. For readers, please briefly introduce the IST solution.

= IST solution was established in 2007 and has been making joystick since 2007. At first, I made a lever and buttons simply without any special content, but when I sold it, I felt that the taste of consumers was so diverse. And there are many levers and buttons, so there are many requests that I want to make it as I want. So it seems that I started making custom joystick for the first time.

Since then, the same way, such as lever and button, has gradually increased. At the time, however, general joystick producers adopted the same system as OEM and sold formal models. It seems that we had a lot of requests about those things. So since then, I’ve been making a custom joystick so far.

Currently, Makestic Pro is a common model, and there is also a makestick mini, a low -cost model. The most recently released stick is ‘Makestick Prime’ and this is a premium model. And in the past, I wish I could see the stick in the past, and I wanted to make it.

** Q. As you know, arcade sticks can’t be said to be a huge market, and at the time, it would have been quite opaque in Korea.

= Street Fighter 4 hit a big hit worldwide. It’s so popular, so there’s not a lot of sticks around the world. There was also a request to buy joysticks in Korea and abroad. At the time, he started selling a fighter abie stick at the time and a stick in Korea to modify the joystick.

Well, it’s not that special. I was also using a joystick as a game user who likes fighting games, but I think I always thought. I feel like I want to make a joystick later before doing business? I loved joystick, so I think it started with the hit of Spa 4 at that time.

Q. There seems to be a chance to participate in the Play Expo.

= Since we are selling sticks and selling sticks, there are so many types of levers and buttons. Many people want to demonstrate or experience in that area. Of course, there are some people who visit the office and check and manipulate them.

In fact, this is not the case, but the first decision is that request. At that time, there were some unfortunate parts because there was no demonstration in the office. It’s a situation that’s because it’s a new lever, so if you want to try it, you should buy it yourself, tear it on it, mount it on the stick, and roll it up. Every lever has a lot of prices, and there’s a trouble with this… It’s really hard to buy and install to choose a lever. In addition, there are many types of levers, so I have a lot of needs to touch them, so I have been involved.

Still, I participated and prepared a demonstration, so many people came to solve my questions. There are some people who buy it because of the frustration. I think that the users are good at resolving their worries while deciding on their own. In fact, I was hesitant with the COVID-19 issue, but when I came to the scene, I felt that I was good at coming out.

Q. It’s been a while, but last year, we launched a new makestick prime with ‘knee’. I wonder how the makestick prime was designed and released.

The same is true for Makestic Pro and the same thing for mini, but Prime is also produced because it has a lot of requests from users. There aren’t many sticks with an open case. Pantera is open, but it was lost again in Pantera EVO. TE2+has already come out. So the users were sorry. There are many requests to give such an open case, so I made it production.

Opening a stick itself is a part of the custom of the custom. I didn’t have a opening and closing type before, but the makestick crystal model was also open. But this is a bit unstable. There was a durability issue because it was a form of cutting and assembling it, not a form of ABS. The crystal case is possible, but there was no concern. That’s why it’s one of the reasons for making Prime to create a much more clear open case than that.

Q. Open case is good for people who like custom. Still, Makestick Prime seems to have a focus on other parts, in addition to the focus of creating an open case.

= Prime is just coming out, but I’m trying to make additional side parts and top and bottom parts. In the past, Makestic Pro was only customized, buttons and levers. However, Prime is a model that started to customize the overall appearance and side LEDs. The new side and parts are still initiative, but they are holding more points.

Q. As a result, it was amazing that Prime Sticks were unique in the interior storage space, but this stick is not common, but is there a reason for making it?

= It is similar to when used as offline, but if you use pro -gamers, you may go out to the overseas competition and sometimes break down parts or buttons. So there is a middle repair, and there was a request to put these spare parts inside.

Is this in a laser pantera or Medcats stick? It seems that we did so because that form was naturally added. Currently, the storage box is made of sponge, and I will try to make various things later in plastics and other shapes. You can think of it as a form that allows you to store multiple parts with the custom line of the stick of ‘make’. I’m thinking about increasing the types that can be put in the storage box.

Q. I wonder how the feedback has come in since its current launch, and I am planning an additional improvement.

= Some people are satisfied with feedback, and some are dissatisfied. First of all, there are some issues on the special key side, so we are preparing to improve the special key again. In addition, there is a feedback that the slide switch is too small, so I want to improve it by changing it. Prime sticks are not the end of the sale, but they are trying to improve and make the name ‘Makestick’.

** Q. The ‘Takion’ board, which was produced directly in the IST solution, has been passed for more than two years, but now other substrates have a feeling of being competitive.

= In the speed category, there are many substrates comparable to the Takion substrate. There are a lot of substrates of 1ms reaction speed. There are Brook Universal, Taki Temperature, and other substrates. But if you listen to developers’ opinions, competition is not significant in 1ms or more.

I had a few meetings in this part, but to be under 1ms, there is a way to squeeze a new program and the hardware that suits it. But this is a difficult situation to get on the PC. You can speed up, but you can’t get input. It is not meaningful, so I understand that most companies that produce 1ms substrates are similar. In terms of speed, improvement is not yet scheduled. Instead, it is not definitely fixed, but Takion seems to be able to continue the firmware update that can be compatible with other models in addition to PS3 and PC.