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Kakao reveals P2E game platform Clayton Games

Kakao (CEO Nam Gung -hoon) will showcase its P2E game platform ‘Clayton Games’ based on its clayton coin.

Kakao defined P2E as “Unlike traditional games led by game companies, P2E is a meta bus in the true sense of players.”

Clayton Games is a project for Kakao to support the P2E industry and expand the Clayton Coin ecosystem. Clayton Games is an IGO lunch pad. It helps to showcase new creepto projects related to game. Competitive products include BSCPAD of Binance and Avalanche’s Avalaunch.

Clayton Games aims to be an integrated platform for both game users and developers. Kakao expects Clayton Games to become synergy between users and developers.


Kakao cited the lack of channels for the P2E ecosystem, △ information fragmentation, △ lack of initial sales channels in game assets, and △ promotion of games. Kakao plans to solve the three problems of Clayton Games.

For example, to solve information fragmentation problems, Kakao collects information to Game Aggregator in Clayton Games. Game Egrigators will be a channel for providing comprehensive information for game ecosystems, such as basic gameplay information, related torque and news about newly launched games. Game Egrigators can operate channels based on the information provided by individual game developers in the early stages of the service, but aim for a user -based forum in the medium and long term.

Kakao said, “Clayton Games is a comprehensive P2E game platform that will not only provide IGO opportunities, but also solve essential matters for expanding the game ecosystem such as information fragmentation and game promotion.”

Dirt 5 reveals a new scary gameplay

The Codemasters developer certainly gives players the feeling that the last opus of the Dirt franchise will bring the most diverse and most realistic tracks. As an additional proof, the developer has published new gameplay images of a timed trial taking place in the snowy mountains of Norway.

Dirt 5 Review

Not only will the fans not be used to the place, but the track, Ice Breakers, is also, because its full is made of thick and slippery ice. As a result, this leads to ridiculously long streaks, but potentially some car accidents along the way.

“Variety is a major aspect of our approach to Dirt 5,” said development director Robert Karp in the trailer press release. “Ice Breakers is one of these new additions and offers a completely different gameplay feeling.” In addition to the gameplay, if viewers look closely, sunny weather slowly turns into a foggy snowstorm. Players can then see almost all the snowflakes that strike the windshield-which we find very impressive.

In relation : Will Dirt 5 are released on PS5 and Xbox Series X?

The runners can soon get their cars in this ice tundra, because Dirt 5 will be released on October 6 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Stadia and PC.

The Valorant Xolos become overtime masters against Infinity in the Northern VCT

Going back to the northern matchups in the VCT Valorant, where the teams had a week to work and fine-tune the details they saw last week through their matchups, today we see them with a different face be able to demonstrate all the improvements they worked on. This short break to achieve victory in these new days within the tournament.

A flip of the coin
The first series put the Team Cruelty team against Fusion, starting in an Icebox map that would show the power of the offensive team from the beginning, managing to let Baez play comfortably with a Chamber that would make his rivals suffer by placing an 8- 4 in the first half, in the change of sides, the defense proposed by the Cruelty team worked very well for them without letting the rival react to gradually reach the victory point that closed the map with 13-6.

Changing the winds to reach an Ascent where the Fusion team would react tremendously by placing the first half in their favor thanks to Kolby Torrify Bruzo, who would do an excellent job in attack with his Chamber giving the possibility of leaving a 10- 2, during the change of roles the cruelty team needed to make use of those flashes that it has shown during their confrontations, however, the Fusion team would seek to quickly close the map with aggressive plays and forced rounds that would give them a draw in the Serie.

In a decisive map that would be Haven, both teams began with aggressive games to seek the advantage of bringing them closer to victory. Still, it would be a 6-6 during the first half that would remain marked. In the change of sides, Carlo Dcop Delsol would make big tackles with Fade that allowed him to get his team to plant the spike, and they managed to take the series on the day.

Movie series
We saw a highly anticipated match E-Xolos Lazer against Infinity in an Icebox for the second series, where the Infinity team started in defense. Still, the style that the Xolos had was superior, letting Santiago Daveeys Galvis do his job with Chamber to get to enter the map very successfully, earning an 8-4. Things in the second half will change a lot because they would send the map several overtime thanks to Infinity turning on the accelerator with the power of Daniel Theory Albadan that he would make 34 casualties. Still, the Tijuana team would be the one that played the rounds better, with Jesus jFoen Taboadawho closing the first map with 21-19.

Arriving at the second map of Ascent, we saw how the things we saw in the previous one were repeated because the Xolos were looking to take advantage of the power of Oscar Peloncito Palacios, who would make good use of Sova’s arrows to leave things 8- 4, in the change of roles, things would see the light in favor of the Xolos who learned from their mistakes on the past map to slow down to Infinity, letting jFoen react with his Raze to generate aggressions that would give them the map point and series with a 13-5.

Great games are the ones that were experienced yesterday thanks to those changes in the mentality of the new teams that arrive in the northern league and also that the north seeks to break the record for the longest game in competitive Valorant, now it will be necessary see what the teams show us today with the next day of the tournament.

No Man’s Sky: Change multi -tools

INSTALLING A SURVEY DEVICE in My Multi-tool - No Man's Sky Synthesis - E31

No Man’s Sky: How to change the multi -tool

In the past, the change was not possible: as soon as you had the opportunity to get a new multi -tool, you had to make a difficult decision because you could only have one tool at the same time.
In the meantime, numerous updates later, the situation looks different.

You can have several multi -tools and them if necessary:
1. Call the quick menu and select “Aids” on the left.
2. There you will find the “Exchange multi -tool” option.
3. Select the desired multi -tool.
The currently non-used multi-tools are not stored in the inventory and therefore do not take any space.
This means an even higher flexibility, since you can carry the desired tool with you at any time on your interstellar trips without having to think about the inventory.

When Genshin Impact is update 2.7 coming out? HoYoverse finally reveals the Release date

HoYoverse has announced that the next Genshin Impact update will take place. After the initial delay caused by the restrictions regarding the pandemic that has taken place in China, the developers are confident that they will be able to carry out the release of version 2.7 on May 31, 2022, from 00:00, Spanish peninsular time (CEST). As usual, there will be five-hour maintenance during which we will not be able to play and associated with a distribution of rewards.

Genshin Impact returns to normal in update 2.7
The arrival of the new Genshin Impact update will mean a return to normality for the HoYoverse video game. After six weeks of a separate update in two phases, the patches will arrive again with their events and gachapons. In this way, it has also been announced that version 2.8 will be released on July 13, 2022. The cycle invites us to dream of the arrival of Sumeru when summer is giving its last breath.

Reviewing the statements of the developers, we can expect
Update 2.7 Presentation : May 20, 2022 at 14:00
Update 2.7 release : May 31, 2022
Update 2.8 Released: July 13, 2022
Update 3.0 release: To be determined (end of August)

While we wait for the update to arrive, the current Kamisato Ayaka Gachapon event will still be available, and the promised rewards will also be delivered due to the delay. It should be noted that the compensation will be somewhat less substantial during the last week since only the corresponding proportional part will be given to the players. The company has also announced that the maintenance of the Relaxaterra placing function will end due to the next update.

In short, Genshin Impact is preparing for a remarkable recovery from the most significant bump it has encountered since its launch. New content or future video games from the company, such as Honkai: Star Rail and Zenless Zone Zero, are also close to arriving to continue expanding the world of free-to-play RPG titles created by the company. Everything seems to be progressing as expected, and we should not fear a chain reaction.

Feel -good series – the best sitcoms against a bad mood!

We live in times of absolute peak TV – there have never been so many well -made series on TV and the various streaming providers. Many productions regularly achieve a level in their consequences, which is even missing in many cinema films. But does it always have to be higher, faster, further? There is still a very simple but no less successful format: the sitcom. For many decades, the simplest means have inspired an audience of millions in a few locations.

The special thing about it is their mostly positive mood. Sitcoms do not want to teach, explain nothing, do not cause tension or tell complicated stories, but simply entertain and usually make it laugh. That is why they are the perfect feel-good series. Switch on, lean back and forget the stress for a short time without having to think much.

We have worked through time and want to show you a few of the greatest sitcoms for exactly this purpose: brain, enjoy and stay with a positive feeling. We do without series like The Big Bang Theory, Two and A Half Man or How I Met Your Mother – Since everyone knows them anyway. But that should not mean that now only secret insider tips are followed.

How Russians Reacted When We Showed Them Pictures From Ukraine

original fathers of the sitcoms

Sitcoms have been around as long as there is television. They were easy to produce and delighted a large audience. Even today, some of the early formats are very worth seeing and set foundation stones that can be found in almost all sitcoms today.

Happy Days * is something like the mother of all sitcoms and produced legendary characters like “Fonzie”, who almost made the black leather jacket suitable for mass. Unfortunately, the series is not available from any streaming provider, but only on DVD – and mostly only in parts.
The Dick van Dyke Show should not be missing in any list of sitcoms. Today she brought us many elements that are still the order of the day in sitcoms – such as various flashbacks to tell the story. The series from the 50s is now even in a remaster version.
M.A.S.H was the most successful sitcom ever for a long time and was only replaced a few years ago. Although it plays in the middle of the Korean War, the humorous elements predominate. The complete series (and the film) are available at Disney Plus.
* The Mark from the Ork was not only the starting signal for Robin Williams’ career, but also an extraordinary sitcom. The history of the criminal alien, who is supposed to explore primitive humanity and stumbles into the next from one fun situation.

wedding of the sitcoms – the 80s

In the 80s, the sitcoms really picked up speed and filled the evening program pretty much all available TV channels. There were classics between much boring trash that still have many fans today.

Alf * – The loving, custody aliens who accidentally landed in the Garage of the Tanner family and has been spending his days since then to loot the fridge and make plans as he prepares the family cat Lucky. Delicious entertainment for the whole family.
A terribly nice family probably knows everyone who has not lived alone in the forest since 1987. Al Bundy and his dreary life as a shoe seller who stumbles into the next from a fat and leads an endless war against neighbor Darcy. The series not only made Ed O’Neil, but also Christina Applegate, alias Dumpfbacke and Katey Sagal world famous.
Who is here the boss – Tony Danza as a house man who, with his half-fabriced daughter (Alissa Milano), collects in a wealthy woman in the suburb. The real highlight for us was always the extremely personable nasty mona. Unfortunately, the series is nowhere streamed and it is almost impossible to find complete DVD boxes somewhere.
Full House is probably the epitome of the good mood family sitcom. Danny Tanner, who was actually known for his nasty and coarse humor, plays in a house with his three daughters, his brother -in -law and his best friend. The series has recently been continued with Fuller House.
all under one roof * – Sitcom actually revolves around the life of the Winslow family. But let’s be honest: Actually, they are all just extras for one of the most memorable characters of all time: Steve Urkel!
Golden Girls * tells the story of four older women who live in a flat share in the Florida pensioner paradise. Since the four could hardly be unequivocal, not only does situation comedy arise on the ongoing volume, the four are immediately closed. Looking worth seeing and heartwarming without restriction. All episodes are available on Disney Plus.

On page 2 it continues with the 90s to this day!

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Page 2 The best sitcoms for a bad mood! 90s until today

Page 3bildergalerie for wellness series – the best sitcoms for a bad mood!

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Smag-Angel Games, Global Publishing Contract

On the 16th, Smilegate Mega Port announced that it has signed a global publishing contract with Angel Games’ new cross -platform game ‘Wonders: The Arena’. Through this agreement, Smilegate Megaport will provide Wonders in all regions including Korea in the future.

Wonders is a new action adventure game of Angel Games, which has been recognized for its outstanding development power for ‘Road of Dice’ and ‘Top M: Great Journey’. It supports mobile and PC cross platforms to provide the best play experience anywhere. The characteristic of Wonderful is to enjoy the contents of various genres such as Logike, an action adventure -style real -time team, a boss raid that targets powerful bosses with cooperative play, and various mini games in one game. It can be.

In particular, the characteristics of each genre are newly interpreted by Wonderus’s own way to enhance the completeness and provide rich fun in any content. Users can experience new battles every time with the fun of control through manual operation and the choice of constantly changing battlefields.

The characters full of personality who reinterpreted the heroes of fairy tales who are familiar to users are also eye -catching. Each character can be fostered according to the user’s propensity with its own skills and play style. In addition, it also provides cute and sophisticated visuals that match the concept of ‘fairy tales’.

On the other hand, Smilegate Megaport plans to focus on the ability to become a global hit based on the know -how accumulated through successful global services. To this end, the two companies continue to quench to build close cooperation and further enhance the completeness of Wonders. The specific schedule will be released later.

Park Ji -hoon, CEO of Angel Games, said, “I am happy to be able to show ‘Wonderful: The Arena’ through Smilegate Mega Port, which is doing well in the global market.” I will do my best to show the new fun of Angel Games. ”

Game Distribution and Game Publishing challenges - FEJA4 - Dec 04 - 13H00 GMT
Kwon Ik -hoon, general manager of Smilegate Megaport, said, “It is an honor to be able to provide the ambitious work of Angel Games, which has proved its outstanding development power through various works. We plan to focus on all the global service capabilities of Smilegate Mega Port so that Wonders can become a global beloved IP. ”

Additional information about Wannus can be found on the introduction page.

Custom stick production 15 years, IST solution Makestick story

Fighting gamers can not talk about the company in Korea if they are gamers who have just searched for arcade sticks. Is it an arcade stick producer well known in the domestic market? This is the IST solution. It is also producing ‘makestick’, which has already been distributed to many users in Korea, and ‘Knee lever’, which was produced by the ‘Myeongshin’ fantasy lever and the Tekken professional gamer ‘knee’ player.

Stick Figure War

I also like fighting games and I like sticks, so there are three sticks, one of which is the makestick produced by the IST solution. So I was very interested, and I bought and used various levers directly through the IST solution, so I was curious about making levers.

In fact, last year’s IST solution announced a new custom stick called ‘Makestick Prime’ and participated in the Play Expo. But unfortunately, I missed the opportunity as the Play Expo offline event was canceled. Fortunately, I was able to hear that this year’s IST solution will participate in the Play Expo, and this time I wanted to meet and listen to the IST solution, new stick, and lever.

Song Dae -jin, a representative of the IST solution I met at the site, said, “I saw the actual users, manipulated the stick, solved the question, and saw them solve and decided.”

Q. If you are a fighting gamers or users using sticks, you may know well, but some users who don’t know the IST solution yet. For readers, please briefly introduce the IST solution.

= IST solution was established in 2007 and has been making joystick since 2007. At first, I made a lever and buttons simply without any special content, but when I sold it, I felt that the taste of consumers was so diverse. And there are many levers and buttons, so there are many requests that I want to make it as I want. So it seems that I started making custom joystick for the first time.

Since then, the same way, such as lever and button, has gradually increased. At the time, however, general joystick producers adopted the same system as OEM and sold formal models. It seems that we had a lot of requests about those things. So since then, I’ve been making a custom joystick so far.

Currently, Makestic Pro is a common model, and there is also a makestick mini, a low -cost model. The most recently released stick is ‘Makestick Prime’ and this is a premium model. And in the past, I wish I could see the stick in the past, and I wanted to make it.

** Q. As you know, arcade sticks can’t be said to be a huge market, and at the time, it would have been quite opaque in Korea.

= Street Fighter 4 hit a big hit worldwide. It’s so popular, so there’s not a lot of sticks around the world. There was also a request to buy joysticks in Korea and abroad. At the time, he started selling a fighter abie stick at the time and a stick in Korea to modify the joystick.

Well, it’s not that special. I was also using a joystick as a game user who likes fighting games, but I think I always thought. I feel like I want to make a joystick later before doing business? I loved joystick, so I think it started with the hit of Spa 4 at that time.

Q. There seems to be a chance to participate in the Play Expo.

= Since we are selling sticks and selling sticks, there are so many types of levers and buttons. Many people want to demonstrate or experience in that area. Of course, there are some people who visit the office and check and manipulate them.

In fact, this is not the case, but the first decision is that request. At that time, there were some unfortunate parts because there was no demonstration in the office. It’s a situation that’s because it’s a new lever, so if you want to try it, you should buy it yourself, tear it on it, mount it on the stick, and roll it up. Every lever has a lot of prices, and there’s a trouble with this… It’s really hard to buy and install to choose a lever. In addition, there are many types of levers, so I have a lot of needs to touch them, so I have been involved.

Still, I participated and prepared a demonstration, so many people came to solve my questions. There are some people who buy it because of the frustration. I think that the users are good at resolving their worries while deciding on their own. In fact, I was hesitant with the COVID-19 issue, but when I came to the scene, I felt that I was good at coming out.

Q. It’s been a while, but last year, we launched a new makestick prime with ‘knee’. I wonder how the makestick prime was designed and released.

The same is true for Makestic Pro and the same thing for mini, but Prime is also produced because it has a lot of requests from users. There aren’t many sticks with an open case. Pantera is open, but it was lost again in Pantera EVO. TE2+has already come out. So the users were sorry. There are many requests to give such an open case, so I made it production.

Opening a stick itself is a part of the custom of the custom. I didn’t have a opening and closing type before, but the makestick crystal model was also open. But this is a bit unstable. There was a durability issue because it was a form of cutting and assembling it, not a form of ABS. The crystal case is possible, but there was no concern. That’s why it’s one of the reasons for making Prime to create a much more clear open case than that.

Q. Open case is good for people who like custom. Still, Makestick Prime seems to have a focus on other parts, in addition to the focus of creating an open case.

= Prime is just coming out, but I’m trying to make additional side parts and top and bottom parts. In the past, Makestic Pro was only customized, buttons and levers. However, Prime is a model that started to customize the overall appearance and side LEDs. The new side and parts are still initiative, but they are holding more points.

Q. As a result, it was amazing that Prime Sticks were unique in the interior storage space, but this stick is not common, but is there a reason for making it?

= It is similar to when used as offline, but if you use pro -gamers, you may go out to the overseas competition and sometimes break down parts or buttons. So there is a middle repair, and there was a request to put these spare parts inside.

Is this in a laser pantera or Medcats stick? It seems that we did so because that form was naturally added. Currently, the storage box is made of sponge, and I will try to make various things later in plastics and other shapes. You can think of it as a form that allows you to store multiple parts with the custom line of the stick of ‘make’. I’m thinking about increasing the types that can be put in the storage box.

Q. I wonder how the feedback has come in since its current launch, and I am planning an additional improvement.

= Some people are satisfied with feedback, and some are dissatisfied. First of all, there are some issues on the special key side, so we are preparing to improve the special key again. In addition, there is a feedback that the slide switch is too small, so I want to improve it by changing it. Prime sticks are not the end of the sale, but they are trying to improve and make the name ‘Makestick’.

** Q. The ‘Takion’ board, which was produced directly in the IST solution, has been passed for more than two years, but now other substrates have a feeling of being competitive.

= In the speed category, there are many substrates comparable to the Takion substrate. There are a lot of substrates of 1ms reaction speed. There are Brook Universal, Taki Temperature, and other substrates. But if you listen to developers’ opinions, competition is not significant in 1ms or more.

I had a few meetings in this part, but to be under 1ms, there is a way to squeeze a new program and the hardware that suits it. But this is a difficult situation to get on the PC. You can speed up, but you can’t get input. It is not meaningful, so I understand that most companies that produce 1ms substrates are similar. In terms of speed, improvement is not yet scheduled. Instead, it is not definitely fixed, but Takion seems to be able to continue the firmware update that can be compatible with other models in addition to PS3 and PC.

Prepare the commanders, your experience is again necessary!

On September 19, 2019, FoxNEXT published the long -awaited update of MSF 3.5. This major update should renew and extend the life of the game that has started to quickly lose its players’ database in recent months. After the announcement that Disney is about to sell Foxnet, the 3.5 Update update is a new relaxing for all MSF fans worried about the future of the game.

Obviously, the best way to occupy players is to increase the maximum level. Reaching level 75 will take a month or more for an average player, it should therefore give FoxNEXT time to think about other major improvements necessary to revive the interests of the players. The second major change in this new update is the introduction of alliance war leagues. This is a great idea if you ask me, especially if the classification attributes to the Alliances of interesting rewards that will help players unique.

From now on, the characters can go to the gear level 14. Unique materials for level 14 are extremely expensive. 7,200 war credits for a material piece mean that you will have to collect materials for months to be able to go from one character to another level. This should not discourage you because when Gear Tier 13 has been introduced, many players thought they would. Never train a character in rank 13 and half of the players’ database now contains Ultron, which means that they have upgraded at least 6 characters at level 13 so far. You should consider this as another agricultural objective that will be achieved sooner or later. Of course, you will have to decide which characters should go to level 14 and immediately start equipping yourself.

As with all updates so far, this update also introduces new heroes in the MSF repertoire and also improves certain characters which were previously unnecessary. The new heroes are Graviton, Agent Coulson and Invisible Woman, while Scientist Supreme, Wolverine and A.I.M Minions are greatly improved. This improvement by A.I.M. Minions and Scientist Supreme is not as important as the improvement of Kree and Ronan minions, but today, the A.I.M team could be dangerous at least. Wolverine’s special capacity is now improved and it can be even better if the rest of X-Men (Phoenix, Psylocke, Cyclops) is in a team with him.

Darth Vader:
Graviton is a particularly effective A.I.M controller with A.I.M. team during the Alliance War. His skills set is not extraordinary, but his passive capacity at war allows him to apply Disruped to any target whose health falls below 75%, which is an incredible feat. In addition, it can simultaneously slow down the main and adjacent targets, inflicting average damage, and knocking out a single target, inflicting damage according to the number of negative effects that it has suffered. Graviton is a great addition to the A.I.M. The team with Scientist Supreme and this team now has a certain value in the game.

Agent Coulson was announced in the first half of this year, but we had to wait until now to see it. Rumors on the Internet predicted that Coulson would be a leading hero with incredible skills, but in the end, he is not very good, although he has unrivaled qualities in the field of war defense. I am not saying that the Coulson agent is not good, I simply say that he is not as good as expected. His final attacks all enemies for an average damage, applies provocation and defense against the enemy with the most important damage and calls up to 2 allies to attack the main target. In War Defense, its ultimate is much stronger since it also eliminates the positive effects of the enemy which inflicts the most damage. Its special capacity inflicts average damage to all enemies. In defense of war, it suppresses the positive effects of all enemies, applies a slow slowness on all technological targets and makes it possible to fly and reverse up to 4 positive effects on the main target. Normally, passive capacity grants him the help of S.H.I.E.L.D. Medic each time his health falls below 50%, but in War Defense, he improves health and resistance for him and all the allies of the S.H.I.E.L.D and, more importantly, he grants immunity to all the allies of S.H.I.E.L.D at the start of the fight. This practically means that the team of S.H.I.E.L.D will no longer be vulnerable to the fraternity of mutants in the war of the Alliance. It’s always a theory, but honestly, I cannot think of any team that can overcome the S.H.I.E.L.D team with Agent Coulson in Alliance War Defense. In the other segments of the game, Coulson is not as strong and that is why I do not think that he deserves to be a leading hero.

Invisible Woman has long been expected after Namor’s introduction, The Thing, Human Torch and Mister Fantastic. We all knew that she was a legendary character of the Fantastic Four team, but honestly, I did not think that she would bring a change of balance in the game and I thought that the X-Men team would dominate the arena for a long time. Invisible Woman undoubtedly deserves a legendary status because it is versatile (it can be used successfully with many heroes, not only with the characters of Fantastic Four) and she thwarts the initial stealth of Phoenix. It gives stealth and defense to all allies, with the exception of the best ally for health, which is granted 3 defenses and immunity for 2 laps instead of stealth. Its ultimate Offense Down application for 2 turns to all enemies and protects all allies with a barrier equal to 40% of invisible Woman Health. Keep in mind that invisible Woman is protection, which means that his barrier will add up to 50,000 more life points to all allies. When we consider the fact that the invisible woman will freely attack any person who attacks her ally with barrier, we come to the conclusion that her skills set is completely out of date. In theory, a team made up of Ultron, Invisible Woman, Mister Fantastic, The Thing and Human Torch should be able to oppose any other combination in the arena, while in Alliance War, Namor could replace Ultron To form a new winning AW team.

In the coming days, we should expect more surprises from Foxnet. If you look at the loading screen carefully, you can notice Beast and Hela, and they will probably be introduced into the game soon. Beast should be X-Men mutant according to the comics while Hela is Asgardian Villain. I certainly hope that Foxnext will continue to implement new interesting things in the game, because I just like this game and I would not like to attend the end of this great game of so early.

Until then, good luck, commanders, and may the GNA be with you!

Neowiz, transfer to the technology infrastructure AWS Cloud

Neowiz (co -representative Kim Seung -cheol, Bae Tae -geun) announced on the 9th that it has shifted its technology infrastructure to the Amazon Web Service (AWS) cloud.

The company explained that it was completely transferred to the AWS cloud, with most IT infrastructure, including more than 1,000 servers, which were used for 174 services, including major games, and more than 1,000 servers used to operate the game portal ‘Bell Pepper’.

Neowiz has been stepping up the introduction of the AWS cloud since February 2020 to flexibly respond to the rapidly changing market situation and to expand its global service stably.

Neowiz expects that the infrastructure preparation period is shortened from 2 months to 2 days, and the game environment is shortened from 15 days to half a day, and the infrastructure cost will be reduced by 30%.

Neowiz plans to provide more innovative personalized services and the best game experience to global users based on data analysis and machine learning that AWS owns.

Bae Tae -geun, co -representative of Neowiz, said, “With the introduction of AWS, Neowiz has laid the foundation for improving the game business to the global market.” “We can respond more effectively to the environment by stably expanding it.”

Build Your Infrastructure in.NET with AWS Cloud Development Kit (CDK) - AWS Online Tech Talks

Ham Ki -ho, CEO of AWS Korea, said, “Neowiz has completed the relocation to AWS, so that many popular games can be effectively expanded to gamers around the world.” “We are providing a new game experience faster at a lower cost so that we can enjoy rich gaming content quickly.”

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